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Santa Bloggers Christmas Party

Hello sugar bunnies!

In conjunction with Christmas, Melissa had come up with an idea of throwing a Christmas party for the bloggers. We had secretly planned it for weeks but Melissa was the one who contributed the most because Lumi and I were having our exams that time. To be honest, Melissa is really an awesome event planner as she carried out the planning very professionally and that's why the party last week was such a success!!

I believe most of you have already come across with some pictures we posted on Instagram and some of you might want to see more pictures and shots from behind-the-scene right?? Don't worry, keep reading and I promise I will keep you guys entertained with lots of pretty pictures hahaha!

Melissa decided to hold the party in Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid because we were allowed to book a private room (more like a private space) for our party. In order to provide a more personal and exclusive party for our bloggers, Melissa quickly booked the private space in Bubba Gump.

After deciding on the venue, it's time to send out the invitations to our blogger friends! This time around, 10 bloggers were invited (including Melissa, Lumi and I) to join in the fun with us. All thanks to blogging, I got the chance to expand my social circle and I always feel more than excited to meet new people from attending events!

Oh, and did I mention that I met my two BFFs (Mel and Lumi) from blogging too? I love them to the bits! ♥

The day has come! 

Of course, Melissa was the earliest to reach there to get all the necessary preparation done. 

"Ahh, there seemed to be like an endless work to be done!" 

All the sponsored products were well-arranged by Melissa and I did contribute a little haha!! 

Lumi and Daphne reached later and they helped in arranging the tables! 

Where did we get all the amazing products from? 
All the products were sponsored by VanityTrove. Words can't describe how appreciative we are for their generosity and love!! VanityTrove is one of my favorite beauty boxes, check out the amount of blog reviews I have done for them and you would know that I'm such a big fan of VT! Anyway, a million thanks to the VT team for handpicking ALL the useful products for us!

And do you know that VT now allows you to customise your very own beauty box?
Click HERE to find out more!! :D

Taadaa!!! Look at all our precious little gems, lying gracefully on the table! 





Where did we get the macarons from? 
To be honest, these are the BEST macarons I have ever had. Even better than TWG ones lolol. It doesn't taste too sweet and you could find yourself constantly yearning for more! They are exclusively handmade by Twenty First Qi Pastries


More pictures from the party!!! :D 
I fell in love with the interior design once I stepped into the room. Look at the beautiful floral wallpapers and vintage photo frames - My ideal dream room. :O 

Took selfies while waiting for other bloggers to arrive! ^_^

Oh yeah, guess what? We had WOW PHOTOBOOTH to celebrate the festival with us too!! A party is never complete with this photobooth, seriously. It brings so much memories and jubilance to everyone present. It's just something special which brings everyone together, smiling excitedly and making funny poses in front of it.

If you are interested to get a photobooth from them, do not hesitate to contact them!!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wowphotoboothmalaysia
Website: http://www.wowphotobooth.com.my/

Super elated to try this magical thing out!!! 

"Wa, touch screen one ah!!!" Anyway, the photobooth which consists of a DSLR, takes a series of 3 to 4 pictures which will be displayed on the screen at the end. You can also choose your filter before printing the photos out! To add on the awesomeness, the photos will be printed out in less than 10 seconds from the photobooth itself!!! 

It works super easily with the "PSP concept" - Pose. Smile. Print. I must say, the quality of the photo strip is very impressive!!!

Shared this large portion of Fish & Chips with baby Lumi! 

Melissa's Cajun Chicken.

Oh ya, all the props were prepared by WOW PHOTOBOOTH!

Povy, the Queen.

First time meeting this gorgeous lady, Daphne Froggy! Congratulations on her marriage! :D

Oh hi, I'm Bunny Jess! 

Everyone got crazy with this "Reindeer" headgear because it is too chio!!! 

The gift-exchanging tradition always has to happen during Christmas parties right? We had ours too! We got our presents by drawing lots and I got this pretty gift prepared by Melissa!!! 

Apparently, a box wasn't enough to store all the products!! Look at Chenelle's contented and happy face haha! 

First time meeting Careen and she is such a lovely and gorgeous lady with a sun-shine smile. 

With the cutie Chanwon! We met each other through Nuffnang's events! :P 

With pretty doll, Chenelle. A very sweet-looking girl! 

How can I miss my baby Melissa?!! Can't believe how rapid our friendship has blossomed since the beginning of the year. I love her!

And of course, my baby Lumi - looking forever flawless and gorgeous. I always enjoy our heart-to-heart conversation and she is like my big sister who shares her experience with me. Love her a lot too! 

Group picture with Kittie, Lumi and Melissa. If I were to describe Kittie in only a word, "Fashionable" it is. Her fashion sense is beyond awesome and nobody can beat her quirkiness. 
With my dear Povy! She is so friendly that you will fall in love with her bright and bubbly personality once you get the chance to talk to her!

With my two favorite girls. 

Some individual shots of myself. :P 

Thank you for all who attended the party! I really enjoyed the time we all spent together!

Not forgetting to express my endless gratitude to the generous sponsors because the party would not be that amazing without them!

1) Wow Photobooth

That's all for this post!! Thank you for reading!! :D 


  1. wow so fun....how i wish i can join xmas party like this!!hehe

  2. Awwww....awesome blog:)))I wish i can meet you Jessica❤️❤️

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