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Senjyu Bangsar Japanese Restaurant

Hello bunnies! This post has a little connection with the previous post so make sure you have read it!!
If you haven't, click HERE for the link!

Anyway, I actually thought that the breakfast platter I had in Nutmeg could last me for few hours. But there's this problem in me, which is, I get full easily and I also get hungry easily -_- I think I have a good digestive system too, if you get what I mean lolol.

The breakfast platter, as expected, could only keep me filled for an hour or so. My stomach already began to grumble after a short round of shopping in Bangsar! I decided to have my lunch there too, since we were already there.

So SENJYU it is!!

First of all, Senjyu is a Japanese word (duh, obviously). But do you know what does it mean?? :p


The word "Senjyu", which means 'eternity of life', was meant to convey Senjyu's lifelong passion in serving the freshest and finest Japanese food for all Japanese food lovers.

Similarly, the flying crane in the logo symbolises longevity and Senjyu's strive in soaring to greater heights – a testament to their unwavering dedication in perfecting their craft and reinventing Japanese cuisine.


I have actually visited Senjyu for several times and it's definitely one of my favorite Japanese restaurants apart from Sushi Zanmai and Yuzu. You must be wondering now: Why did you never blog about it before huh???

The restaurant is dimly lit so that the customers get to enjoy their meals in a pleasant and relaxed environment. However, it was all thanks to the dim lighting that the photos did not turn out as clear and as well-defined as we want them to be. T_T

However, due to the limited seats, we were requested to have our table outside the restaurant this time. 

Appetizer: Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab (RM20)
Slightly pricey for only 4 pieces of soft shell crab but TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Chicken Teriyaki Udon (RM14)
The soup tasted heavenly! Do not belittle its portion which may seem so small because it can actually bloat your tummy in no time! :P 



Brother's Tempura Soba (RM18)
I always prefer buckwheat noodles but my brother always opts for Soba. I tried one of the tempuras and it tasted really nice and it was not too oily! 




Dressed up pretty casually that day and here are the details from top to toe:

Shades from Versace
Oversized Sweater from Tracyeinny
(Inner) Collared top from H&M
High-waisted pants from Topshop
Bracelet from Balenciaga
Socks from H&M
Shoes from HumanLoveFashion 
Bag from LeBeautyBoutique 

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