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Stop taking people for granted

I'm really sick of those hypocrites around me. 

Stop being so sanctimonious and pretend that you are kind to everyone.

Somehow it's scary that sometimes you can't even determine whether a person is treating you well out of his/her sincerity or genuine kindness. 

A person may seem genuine, sweet and nice, but please, never ever jump to a conclusion so quickly and assume that the person is really nice. 

You will never know what's on that person's mind when he/she is being nice to you. 

It's not that I'm being overly-sensitive but my heart sinks every time when people take me and my stupid kindness for granted. 

I used to be a person who believes that 

When you treat people well, people will repay you with the same kindness. 

But hell no, this does not 100% work. 

Sometimes, it just doesn't happen and it will not happen. 

So what's the point of treating people whole-heartedly but you get nothing in return. 

I am not asking for any rewards for treating people well. 

No, I don't expect you to buy me presents on my birthdays. 

No, I don't expect you to tell everyone that I'm nice. 

All I'm asking for is just your sincerity

What I expect from you is pretty straightforward, isn't it? 

I just wish that you treat me like the way I treat you, 

and don't take me as granted. 

But then again, I put the blame on myself. 

I hate myself for giving them so much of importance, 

making them feel like I am vulnerable and will always be there for them, 

as if I always enjoy being nice to them. 

Fake friends are worse than real enemies. 

Don't fear the enemies who attack you, but the fake friends who smile and hug you. 

As I said, 

you can never fully predict what is on a person's mind. 

You can never know, when the person is going to take the next step  

to harm you, 

to attack you, 

and to make you feel despondent. 

Human beings are unpredictable, 

sometimes they cherish you so much but sometimes they hurt you so deeply. 

From now on, I'm not going to swallow my pride to please anyone of you, 

 I'm not going to make myself worthless and being treated like a crap, 

I'm not going to spend my life impressing people who do not like me at all. 

Thanks to all those hypocrites out there, 

who gave me a real wake-up call, 

telling me that I shouldn't allow myself to be taken for granted, 

telling me that I definitely deserve way more than this. 


this is life. 

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