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S.Wine Cafe, Publika

Hi!! I've been eating a lot of good food lately and I'm feeling really blessed! It's pretty quaint sometimes, how there can be the filthy rich creed who can afford to waste food, and even feel inadequate in everything; while some people in another corner of the world is wondering if they will be seeing the sunrise tomorrow.

Well this is going to be a post about food but on a side note: I hope none of us are wasting our food, okay? Share the food if the portion is too big for you! :D

Anyway, my girlfriends recommended me this restaurant which is called "S.Wine" in Publika. Honestly, I didn't even know about the existence of this restaurant if I weren't told by my girlfriends. It is actually a hidden gem in the Ben's Independent Grocer, in short, B.I.G!




It's a non-halal restaurant! Please excuse me my dear Muslim bunnies! >< " 

The said-it-all signature! I guess I don't have to highlight what the signature dish of the restaurant is, right?!!

By the way, I actually didn't realise that S.Wine is actually SWINE (pig) because people have been mentioning the name as S Wine, and I suspected nothing at all! It was only when I see the sign that I go "OHHHH SWINE!" Hahahaha silly me! 

A very classic looking menu! Always enjoyed browsing menus like this, it feels so comfortable to the eyes (I don't really know why though).


Holla to the Spicy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta (RM28)! The pork bacon slices were overly seasoned and hence they were too salty! However, the Aglio Olio deserves to be described as somewhere near perfection. *thumbs up*

This plate of mouth-watering Sausage and Bacon Chunks Pasta (RM28) comes after that. We avoided ordering carbonara as we were afraid of feeling too stuffed up. So we ordered this pasta which is cooked with sweet tomato sauce and cheese flakes! The tomato sauce went really well with the cheese flakes, I mean, who would have thought? It's really a new fusion to me and if you have never surprised your palate with something like this, get your car keys and vroom to S.Wine now! ;)

Roasted Potatoes with Bacon. (RM16) I've never tasted any potato which was as good as this!! The insides taste amazingly fresh and the crisp of the skin only served to double the awesomeness of the potatoes. A little turn-down was that the bacon chunks are a little too salty; but however, it still tastes great in overall to take a mouthful of bacon along with the potatoes! :D


Look how cute I am :P HEEHEEHEE :P

Hmm... I would rate S.Wine a... 7/10!! To me, S.Wine the haven for gourmands who enjoy delicacies with a stronger taste. If you're more inclined to mild-tasting nom noms, maybe S.Wine wouldn't be your place but I can't tell for sure - there are so many more dishes served. My opinions are only based on the food we ordered. Nonetheless, I had a great time at S.Wine with my babes! The cosy environment is definitely perfect for a gathering with your friends and family :D

One question, is S.Wine your thing? *winks winks*

Lot No.1A, 83-95,
Level UG1, Publika.
Contact number: 03-62091716