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Taylor by Taylor Swift Perfume Review

Ever wondered how does it feel like to be around your idol? I always imagined myself going on a trip with Jay Chou, having dinner with TOP, or going shopping with Taylor Swift. It's a little sad that these feelings and experiences will forever remain as a mystery for me. Even touching them already seem so impossible :( It really kills the cat to wonder...how much taller is TOP beside me? Or...how does Taylor Swift look like when she chews on food?

But wait. It actually isn't so much of a despair.

Yeah and you would surely want to know why hehe :P Just recently, I was given the chance to experience the dream that millions in the world would dream every night: SMELL TAYLOR SWIFT. Nahh I didn't really get to get close to her and sniff the scent out of her HAHAHA BUT it's an experience I can't wait to share with all of you!!

Well I think I know what you want to ask but please, don't, I'm really not sure whether Taylor really smells like Taylor haha!!

An ornately designed case containing the essence with the magic to enchant you - the Swift's way!


A problem which is too common to all girls: WE ALL FEAR TO SMELL BAD.
The year-long summer is keeping our sweat glands running, and nobody would want their presence to be "felt" by a stench which is so annoying that it makes people cry to stand around you. (well at least I feel that way :p) Even guys can't live without deodorants these days!

But at times, it isn't about us smelling awkward for being sweaty. The "awkwardness" we sometimes feel may be due to ourselves not smelling of anything attractive. Lets take a look at a simple example: Have you bunnies ever come to face-to-face contact with a guy, who smells way better than you?
Now isn't that awkward?

In short, all girls can't do without a little bottle of perfume!


If I am to describe how Taylor smell like... I'll say it smells young and fresh. If you would squirt a little of the perfume onto the back of your hand and give it a light sniff, a flowery scent embellished by a slight hint of lemon would invade your olfactory senses, leaving them craving for more. If you are sensitive to perfume fragrances, I think Taylor will not be as usually offensive to your nostrils. Taylor is really a magical *zing* that all girls deserve!

No worries of feeling "old" for wearing Taylor: in fact I think it even injects enough confidence to make you younger lolol!!

Taylor is one of my very trusty partners now!

I have already come to strong dependence on Taylor ever since I received it so luckily. I've been wearing it everyday since day one! With Taylor, I genuinely feel more confident and comfortable being around my friends or with Teddy. Rest assured, at least I know I won't smell awkward! So thankful to have this little friend around to give my confidence a boost and beautify my mood every single day! I really wish the perfume within the bottle never runs out. T_T

I've already added "Taylor" to my 'To-do Before Heading Out' checklist. Have you? ;)