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I was scrolling through my old blog entries this morning due to plain boredom. I didn't only read my old blog entries, but I read all the comments for each of them as well. Going through the posts feels like a visit to my old primary school. Every now and then I would be reminded me of my little achievements thus far. As torrents of familiar paragraphs surged before my eyes, to my surprise I found several mirrors scattered everywhere, laying in the embrace of the waves. In various shapes and sizes, they each reflect a different something about myself: the lessons I have learned this year, the wonderful experiences which made my life more complete, and of course, the adversities that so often pushed me to my knees - only to witness how I would stand up again, as a much stronger me, however hard it could be.

One thing I realised from reading my old blog entries is the considerable distance my blog has ventured. I mean, never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought that I could attend exclusive events, meeting new friends in the blogosphere, receiving sponsors and last but not least, having so many loyal readers who have been supporting me all this while; all thanks to the decision of writing up my blog.

I always wondered what makes me "special" and what is it that makes my blog interesting. 

Apparently, I still couldn't find the answer to my own question...but the way my readers have been constantly reminding me, that I'm their favorite blogger is nothing but heartwarming. Hearing from them have gratitude melting me down, all the times. :')

It feels really surreal that my status has changed from a casual-blogger to someone who is recognised (at least kind-of recognised lol) Well without even the slightest intention to brag about myself: I have to say that I'm surely not one of the bests but at the same time, I can't say nobody reads my blog too. Anyway, I am really, really thankful for all the things you bunnies have done for me, and I couldn't have been anywhere near where I am today without all of you.

2013 has been such a wonderful year for me. I feel really lucky that my effort I have put into blogging has been paid off, and surprisingly I started making some money from blogging. Many thanks go to Nuffnang who gave me all the opportunities I thought I would never get. The feeling of being once a "Featured Blogger of The Month" in Nuffnang is amazing to such an indescribable scale. Too, I was so very exultant when I got invited to be one of the fashion vendors in ChurpOut 2013. Meeting my readers always means more than a pleasure for me. Occasionally, some lovely readers would recognise me when I'm wandering about in the shopping mall, and some of them would even ask for a photo together. You know what? The feeling is just...ahh, the apt translation of my feelings just can't be precise enough in the language of words. The redolent memories are now running in loops in my mind, over and over again.

I bet you have no idea how thankful and motivated I am.  

You know what, I compiled the screenshots of some of the comments when I was reading through most of the posts! Thank you to each and everyone of you who left me such sweet comments and believe me when I tell you, each of them definitely made my days. I love you bunnies so much. ♥

The screenshots here are actually just a small part of it. This post would be ridiculously long if I post every screenshot here! But I just want to tell you guys that I READ ALL THE COMMENTS, be it in my blog, Twitter or Instagram. (I'm sorry if I didn't manage to post your comment here :( One of the most enjoyable and pleasurable things to do in the world is to read all the sweet comments from you bunnies. It feels magical how all of you are inspiring me all these while, and for telling me to keep doing what I do. Blogging has been such a wonderful journey for me. 

In order to show my appreciation to all of you, I will definitely update my blog more often!! Here's just a little request from me: Don't forget to leave a comment to tell me what do you think about my latest blog entry. Just a short and constructive comment will do. I will be more than excited to read all the comments! You have my thanks in advance! :D

Anyway, I do hope you guys had an enjoyable Christmas too!! Did you guys receive presents you like? :P Well, don't be sad if you didn't receive any because CHRISTMAS IS NOT OVER IN MY BLOG YET!!!! 

YES! To thank all the readers who have been reading my blog all this while, I decided to hold a giveaway! And I'm giving SIX SETS of goodies away this time!! 

Although they are not something really expensive, I only hope that these daily-items would remind you how much I appreciate you bunnies, and this is one of the ways I could express my endless gratitude. 

Tokyo snapback, iPhone 4/4S casing, Leopard button, SkinzWhite Eye Brightening Essense, Lovely notebook 

SET 2 
Infinity Kose Eye Jelly, Collistar intensive serum, Red Cherry eye lashes, ORIKS Twister Essence, Skinlab Body Lotion, Decleor toner and moisturizer 

Peripera Lip Balm, Skinlab hand and body cream, Collistar Night-treatment cream, Collistar Intensive serum, Jurlique Moisturizing Cream 

SET 4 
Peripera Lipbalm, Peripera Waterproof Volume Mascara, Intensive White Exfoliating Gel, Danahan Skin Toner and Emulsion 

SET 5 
ORIKS Steam Cream, Nutox Advanced Serum, Clio O'Tank Mascara, 2 Asience shampoo and conditioner packs, DermoSphere Hydrating Moisturizer 

SET 6 
Untitled CLIO BB Cream, 99 Cropped Top, Elianto Lumino White Advanced Night Cream, iPhone 4/4s casing 

1) Share this blog post on your Facebook profile and tag 3 of your friends (Click HERE to copy the URL) *Make sure your profile is set as public!*

2) Leave a comment on this blog entry to tell me WHICH SET YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN AND WHY. (Remember to include your email and Facebook profile URL so that I can contact you!)
*To obtain your URL, go to your profile, and copy the address from the address bar! That is your profile URL :D*

*Each participant can only win a set 
*The one with the most creative answer will be picked as the winner, and will be contacted via email 
*Participants can share as much as they want on Facebook within the giveaway period
*Giveaway contest opens at 31.12.2013, and will end at 05.01.2014 (11.30pm)  


Set 1 - krystalmah@hotmail.com  
SET 2 - jiayichan97@gmail.com 
SET 3 - wishwantwear0524@hotmail.com 
SET 4 - graceeelwm@gmail.com  
SET 5 - pennypun10@hotmail.com 
SET 6 - kimmykhoo7@yahoo.com
Congratulations to all the winners!! To those who didn't get chosen, don't be disappointed because I promise there will be another giveaway soon! Thank you all for joining! :D


  1. Hi Jessica!My name is Esther,I
    m 14.I think i would like to have the set 5!Why?because My sister birthday is coming and she really need some skin care products!She is currently at Japan,If i get this i could surprise this gift for her.Moreover,set 5 product looks more than the others! :p here is my fb: https://www.facebook.com/EstherOng1999 and my email: esther.ong18@gmail.com

  2. Hi Jessica leng lui: ) I'm kareena, I'm 15 this yr. I would like set 6.cause I really need a bb cream soon n my friend's birthday is near, I could give her the case. I think the design on it is perfect and she needed one badly. Here's my fb: http://www.Facebook.com/reena.swift and my email: kareenaswift@hotmail.com
    I really want to tell you that you're really pretty and i enjoy reading your blogs: ) your English is really good

  3. Hi ,Jessica:D My name is Sook Pei from Penang.I'm 16:)
    Hmm.....I would like to win set 6 :) because i have no skin care products and clothes for my Chinese New Year TT My mum really not enough money to buy my new shirts :( Therefore, my best friend's birthday almost coming ,Her birthday is on 2nd February , I wish i can get a skincare product for her TT I hope to win it :)) My fb link is here:https://www.facebook.com/pei.elf.1 and my email adress is:pauline152009@hotmail.com

  4. Hi,,,Jessica My name is Sook Pei from Penang.I'm 16 years old :D I would like to win the set 6 because i have no any new clothes to wear in Chinese New Year TT And my friend's birthday almost arrive .Her birthday is on 2nd February and I wish I can give her a BB cream for her birthdayTT So,,,I hope Jessica choose me for winner:) That's all Thank you:-) My fb link:https://www.facebook.com/pei.elf.1 and my email:pauline152009@hotmail.com

  5. Hi Jessica:)Bunnies here♡I am shu wen from kl and i am 16 years old:)I would like to win set 1😊First,I am a cap lover and like to collect every type of cap:)Second,the notebook is cute and lovely.It really useful also😊The leopard button also really nice:)After that,I really need the skincare product ♡Although i am nt using iphone bt I hope i can give it to my brother as a birthday present:)I really hope that i can win this😀Here's my facebook link https://m.facebook.com/wen.shu.71?__user=100004756685296 and my email is blueif989843@gmail.com.I wanna told u that ur blog are awesome and you are a nice person.Readers will always beside you and support you♡

  6. Hello jessica! I am ming ken and i'm 17teen years old from Perak. I would like to win set 1.
    I am a boy , I think this set is not so much useful for me haha! But I really want to win this set as a gift for my sister! This is because she is going to leave our home for her further study in kl. I am stil a student and unable to buy a goodbye present for her. She always have the habit of writing diary everyday so I hope the lovely notebook in set 1 can be her diary book too! The Tokyo snackback also my sister's favorite!!! I really hope this set 1 can be the present for my dear sister! Anyway, thanks jessica! Wish you all the best!

    My FB link : https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?__user=100002709201219

    My email address : smilegirl416@hotmail.com

    * I am giving my sister's email because I hope she will receive this suprise if got the chance ! Thanks!

  7. Hello Jessica! :) I would like to win Set 1 because I just really like the photo HAHAA. I'm very into snapbacks lately and I have always wanted a Tokyo snapback, so that is one of the main thing in the photo which intrigues me the most. Oh did I mention I have serious dark eye circles? I definitely need the SkinzWhite Eye Brightening Essence. And that Lovely notebook is to die for! 2014 has just started and it would really help me if I can use it as my year planner. Last but not least, I would probably give the iPhone 4/4s casing and the Leopard button to my family or friends as a gift, considering the fact that I'm not using an iPhone, but the button is really pretty. Yea, I need some time to think about that. I know I know, sharing is caring right? Okay, I'll give them away, no point of hogging something which may be a necessity to others :)

    So yea, these are the reasons why I chose Set 1, although the other sets are good too. Alright, I'll stick to Set 1. SET 1 SET 1 SET 1! :)

    Email : krystalmah@hotmail.com

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KrystalMah


  8. Bello Jessica, I'm Loudres Ooi, I'm 17 this year. I would like to have the set 4 since so few people picked this hahahaha!Actually I choose this is because it included the WATERPROOF MASCARA ! I don't have it so yaaa... :3
    So here is my fb link : https://www.facebook.com/ooiruen

    E-mail: ruenluv2chat@gmail.com

  9. Hello Jessica! This is Grace from KL. I'm 18. (oh wait, it's 2014. Well, I shall say I'm an unofficial 19 years old teenage.)
    I've actually met you once in your secondary school carnival day. And my friend told me you had a blog. Since then, I start reading. I'd say, reading your blog is probably one of the way to improve my vocabulary. And in reply to your very very previous post about struggle of picking the right course. I think you definitely nailed the right course. You have strong vocab and good luck on becoming a successful Journalist.

    Well, back to here. I'd like to pick set 4.
    Facial items has become essential item.
    What attracted me the most here are the Lipbalm that makes one's lips glows and Irise Gel that helps to tighten pores and even the skin tone.
    For me, I do sports - swimming. And I do it very often. I think the fun size Toner and Emulsion was just right for me. It enables me to carry in and out easily.
    Lastly, the waterproof volume Mascara. Uhm, I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of mascara because I rub my eyes very constantly. But I'd like to give it a try. Besides, it's waterproof. Who knows one day I might be wearing one in the pool. haha.

    Here's my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grace.lim.1420

    Here's my e-mail: graceeelwm@gmail.com

    Happy New Year, Jessica!

  10. My choice would be set 6, as it is the most practical set for me out of the rest. To be honest, I have never applied any cream on my face before as I thought they weren't necessary. But whenever I read your blog post about skincare products, I always think "Why don't I try?" Your influence on me is constantly increasing each day LOL. And now, you're even having a giveaway with skincare products. I guess this is a sign for me to start? Better late than never, and as you said before, it is important to take care of our skin early. And also to prevent its condition from becoming worse. So for starters, the BB cream and night cream would be the perfect addition to my first skincare routine. I trust that the products you giveaway are of good quality and will yield results to satisfy any girl! The cropped top and iPhone cover would make great items to use for CNY! This may not be the most creative comment, but it is indeed an honest one. Cheers!

    Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/babymekimmy
    Email : kimmykhoo7@yahoo.co

  11. hey jessica ! huiying here i would like to win set 2 cause i think moisturizing your own skin is the most easiest way to pamper yourself .so i wish i get to pamper myself before cny so i will look more beautiful :) geniekhor@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/khor.huiying

  12. hey jessica huiying here i wish to win set 2 because body lotion is a must to pamper your skin ,it makes your skin to prevent dryness and make your skin more smooth . And the infinity eye jelly will replenishes moisture around the eye area that is prone to dryness, creating eyes that give a vibrant impression.i believe it will successfully make my eyes look more brighter and maybe i get to say bye bye to eye bag and pand aeyes :)geniekhor@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/khor.huiying

  13. HI dear Jessica ! :D I would like to win set 5! I heard about ORIKS steam cream recently and I know it is useful for sensitive skin and settle for itchy skin like me. I have a oily and sensitive skin since adolescence. Perhaps, it is due to my overactive in school activities such as athletic and basketball!! Exposed too much ultraviolet ray in a sunny day, my face become so itchy, so I think this would settle down my problem . :) wohoo, Nutox Advanced Serum also skin product that will give a fair, young and hydrated skin for me! I really don't have a single skin product but now it is a opportunity for me to reveal some of this to my lovely mom! If these products are really useful for me, I will recommend to her as well! :) Together with the hydrating moisturizer, I definitely believe that it will keep my face clean and fresh throughout the day!!! No doubt, the shampoo and conditioner will be shared with my whole family! Who knows those shampoo will make my bro's hair grow faster as he always complain that his hair are always so short! :3 and the last one, mascara !!! I am actually a gymnast. During my performance or competition,I will apply this mascara so that my eyes getting bigger and sharp! :P haha

    Sincerely hope that I am the lucky one ! Who knows? self-confidence is always so important ! :P

    My words to you:
    I love the post about you and your dad, you said you love him but do not have gut to tell your appreciation in words! HEY girl, live as if there is no tomorrow, do anything you wanted to!!! we always support you !! Good luck to you :)

    email: pennypun10@hotmail.com
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penny.pun.50