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DiGi Challenge for Change

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Have you ever felt so annoyed of your homework/assignments that keeps getting piled up and it takes you forever to "clear" them off your study table?

Don't you just wish there's this personal assistant helping you out with your homework?

I mean, how cool will it be if our burden as students get halved. We will study with so much less stress and going to school finally becomes a happy routine again. We get more time to go shopping, visit a place of interest, try out the new restaurant in town, leisurely take some #ootd's...

...instead of sitting on the same old chair in a same old room holding the same old pen writing on the same old exercise book.

Sometimes, when lecturers assign us generous amount of assignments, I would stare blankly at the wall, sighing as if it would make my assignments complete themselves. Yeah we all can't escape from assignments, but how great would it be if I'm not doing this all by myself... How good would it be if I can download OurSchool into my phone, then order it to give me ideas on how to finish up my assignments. That should be really, really awesome HOHOHO!

Besides helping us to finish up our assignments, I wish this app can bring all Malaysia students together through sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences in an open forum. United within the convenience of one app, students of all races and religions get to express their thoughts, ask questions, and inspire each other with self-discovered methods and hints. Enhancing their academic performance is out of the question; but in a long run, students in Malaysia will soon become "brothers" and "sisters" and learning will become much more enjoyable and effortlessly rewarding. What is a better way to unite people than striving for a mutual benefit?

But...I searched the AppStore and the AndroidMarket and sadly, I found nothing like what I wish I can have :(

But hey, DiGi sent a little bird, telling me that there is still hope.

DiGi? Hope...of getting to download OurSchool?!!

YES. And the hope now lies in your hands. Yes you, who are reading this blogpost right now.

Keep reading! ;)

Let us put topics like fashion, beauty and food away because I'm gonna blog about how DiGi is going to change our lives - once and for all!

Well, DiGi has hosted a contest open to the public, and it is nothing like what you used to hear of: it's something which requires much of your CREATIVITY & AMBITION.

What I was saying is actually all about an APP DEVELOPMENT programme cum contest organised by DiGi, and it is already running at this moment!

The DiGi Challenge for Change programme invites Malaysians and local app developers to ideate and build innovative community-centric mobile apps that bring Malaysians together for a positive change. I personally think that an app can deservingly be considered successful if it is able to unite all Malaysians in strive for a better future! In conjunction with DiGi's motive - Internet For All, DiGi doesn't only hope to inspire people using the power of mobile Internet, it also wishes to roof all Malaysians all in one dimension by exploiting the assistance of the advanced Internet technology. 

Have you ever thought of having your own app

If your answer is YES, this post may be the turning point of your life: the DiGi's Challenge for Change programme is giving you the opportunity to create your very own app (of course with the help of a group of experts in the industry), and also walk away with cash prizes worth up to RM25,000!

OMG?! Are you kidding me? Creating my own app with the help of experts PLUS taking home a load of cash prizes?!

No this isn't a dream! DiGi is now challenging YOU to submit ideas and apps which falls under four categories: Learning & Edutainment, Health & Wellness, Discovering Culture, and a new category named Connected Citizens: mobile app ideas that facilitate the delivery of public services.

Omg, as for me, I really hope to create a "OurSchool" app to help me in my studies and assignments!!! And surely, this app will be placed in the "Learning and Edutainment" Category! 

The competition is divided into TWO phases:-

1) Ideation Challenge
In this phase, DiGi wants to listen to YOUR IDEAS. (based on your creativity and of course, the concept of your app which tallies to DiGi's motive - Bringing Malaysians together)

Contestants are required to submit their ideas based on one of the categories above on their official website www.digicfc.my. 20 contestants will be shortlisted after the submission deadline. Those who got shortlisted are required to attend ideation workshops at universities to meet and engage with various industry experts in order to get their ideas refined! Then, the BEST 4 ideas will be developed into MOBILE APPS in the next phase, woohoo!

2) App Development Challenge
The best 4 ideation winners will be required to make their dream app come true by building the app. Each app will then be made available for download and to be reviewed by the public. The most popular and feasible app among the 4 ideas will win the challenge!!

Lots of fantastic prizes are awaiting you!

Submit your ideas today and stand a chance to win RM5,000....or maybe RM25,000! 


1) Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google 

2) Fill in your personal details 

3) Start your adventure by sharing your ideas with DiGi! 

For more information on DiGi Challenge for Change and how to participate, visit: www.digicfc.my.

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