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I love FoodPanda!

Have you ever had this situation where you are craving for a particular kind of food but are too lazy to drive all the way out just to eat? 

"I'm hungry but..I'm too lazy" 

Picture credits to Google 

For a person who gets hungry easily like me, such a situation occurs all the while.

It happened to me a lot of times when I crave for a certain kind of food, but I was just too lazy to drive out. A lot of excuses would drum in: Aiya, if I am to go out, I will have to put on my makeup, get my clothes changed..and my mum doesn't like me driving her car anyway.

And that's why, I would usually feed myself some snacks I found in my cupboard or just...starve until dinner is ready lol. Yea..I am just that lazy haha!!

Well, I was having a strong urge to eat sushi just now...but nobody is willing to drive me out!

Then, I actually went to google and search "Online Food Delivery Service in Malaysia", hoping that there's really such kind of service which will drive the devilish hunger out of my tummy.

What I found on the first page was this website called Food Panda, and it claims to have the best food delivery in KL!! Out of curiosity, I entered the website to check how the online delivery system works. And I find their logo really adorable lol!!

So I thought to myself: Wow, my wish wasn't even a wish at all!! There really is such thing! Let's take a look at the menu!

After a few clicks, I realised that the procedure is really easy, even my mum (who is clueless regarding online trading systems) learns how to use it quickly!!

First of all, you must enter the address of your housing area so that they can provide you the list of the restaurants which are reachable in your neighbourhood. Then you will be able to have an overview of your options! 

Look what I found!!! Sakae Sushi!! 

Add everything you want into your "shopping cart" and proceed to check out!! 

In the website, they will show you the total amount you would need to pay on your right. 

Good news! There are several payment options available for you to choose so don't worry if you do not own an online banking account. :) 

Ding Dong! Here comes my sushi! :B 

Thank you FoodPanda, for serving the best for the lazy people like me. LOL. 

I am very impressed by the concept of online food delivery service. It effortlessly saved customers a lot of time and petrol fees. FoodPanda works with more than 100 top brands ranging from all kinds of cuisines so I am pretty sure they are ever ready to help to satiate your hunger: wherever you are!  

 Feeling hungry? Hesitate no more, visit FoodPanda now and start ordering your favourite dishes now! :D


  1. Wooaaaa ! Such a good service ! Will try next time ! Hahah !

  2. Thanks for sharing :)