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New year's resolution?

Happy new year bunnies! 


Hope y'all had a memorable New Year's Eve to bid 2013 goodbye, and had an enjoyable day on the very first day of 2014! 

2013 was indeed a very unforgettable year for me because so many wonderful things which I thought would never happen, happened. I love 2013 and I miss 2013. Anyway, they always say that we should let bygones be bygones and we should keep ourselves moving forward, opening up new doors and taking on unexplored journeys. 

I actually wrote a summary to reminisce my 2013 in Dayre, so visit my Dayre if you would like to read it! 

To be fair, I will blog about my new year's resolutions here instead of Dayre! But before that, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who read both my blog and Dayre to keep up-to-date with my life every single day. Your support really means so much to me. And just in case you didn't know, I've organised a giveaway as a token of appreciation for my blog readers, click HERE to find out how to win the gifts! 


Anyway, it's such a cliche to set new year's resolutions for ourselves, isn't it? Year by year, we see people listing their yearly resolutions on various social networks, telling everyone that it's a new year for them to start things all over again. 

Whilst people would usually make a list of new year's resolutions which would probably contain several resolutions (as many as 10 of them?), I'll be doing different heh. I was once one of them but for this time, I would just set myself ONE resolution this year.

Why do I only have one when we usually should have more? I've actually realised that the more resolutions you make each year, the higher the chances you would tend to forget about them throughout the year. (Well long lists are meant to be forgotten, aren't they? :p)

Many people would probably set five to ten goals for themselves; but most of them would only accomplish maybe a quarter of the list, then give up (or oh well, POSTPONE) the rest. "Till next year!" they'll whisper to their hearts. However, I must mind you that I am not against the idea that one should not set goals for oneself; it is only that according to the lessons the past few years had delivered to my mailbox, I would advise you to start only with a few ambitious, yet realistic goals.

It could be a daunting task if your new year's resolution list is as long as your holiday shopping list. Anyway, what is the point of publishing a dictionary-thick book of resolutions, if you already foresee that you would probably forget about most of them in the future? If you have more goals than you can handle at a time, it only means one thing: you'll be burdened by so much diversions that you might just slip out of track of the progress you are making. And yeah, you'll probably be stranded in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure nobody wants that, right?

So pick the few (or better yet, ONE) that mean the most to you at the moment!


I found this picture from Google and I thought it's cute and worth-sharing. Does it make you exclaim to yourself that it's "SO TRUE" upon looking at this picture? 

Well, setting goals is always easier than working towards them. ALWAYS. But isn't the sweet taste of reaching a goal (or you can call it VICTORY!) that always brings us the most joy? I once came across this line that says "The only mistake you can make in a journey is giving up in the middle - or not starting at all." Actions speak louder than words, so stop sitting around, wondering where to start: just muster your inner courage and plant your first brave step! 

And what's my new year's resolution?

I want to be happy as happy as I can be. 

Yeah it may sound really simple to many people. It's not easy to me, at least.
But anyway it's my only goal, and I have all the confidence in my stomach I am ready to nail this one.
Which that's what I meant by setting the goal that means the most to me, and directing all my focus on achieving it. 

I always believe that if I am able to achieve the first goal (that is to be as happy as I can be) then I am already halfway through succeeding in everything else of my life. 

Being happy = Being optimistic. 

And it means I should always look at the bright side of everything: my relationship, academic, career, etc. 

I acknowledge that last year, my life had been driven by a soul too hungry for success. I want more than what I have, I deserve better. The treasure in the final chapter is too rewarding, it's shining so bright in a locker somewhere far away, glaring right at me, calling out to my conscience. It is mine, yes it is, may it cost all that I ever had. It's all I ever wanted anyway, what else do I have to lose? Blinded in chains crying for a release, I pulled every bone together and marched on to the only key, the golden box gleaming of truth, of meaning in life; I marched on relentlessly, allowing the reapers  to drain me dry of what people value as happiness.  Today, I am already out of the cursed realm, and I now see the treasure as nothing but numbered papers and worthless ashes in reality.

This year, all I want for myself is to be happy, to be grateful of what I have and to have a positive mindset towards everything. 

Well, leave a comment below and tell me what your new year's resolution is! 

All the best bunnies! ♥