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Review: 3D Beauty Blender Sponge

Hello bunnies!!


You will probably (well...or maybe not) love to read this blog post because it isn't a wordy post. Instead, I have made a video and it's a review for the 3D Beauty Blender I've received from www.supermodel2u.com!!

What makes it so special to deserve an innocently brave exclusive video from a video-graphing amateur like me? Well, watch it now and you'll know!! :D

It's actually my FIRST official explanatory video ever. I know I sound a bit unnatural but no worries, I promise I will learn and improve by doing more videos in the future! (let me know if you want more of this :p)

Where to buy?

You can also watch the demo video from Supermodel2u here!

Do leave me a comment about what you think of the video! :P
Oh, and the product too hehe!


  1. I appreciate playing this pixel gun 3d such a great amount after I get myself once again into it. Yet, from time to time I get somewhat exhausted of the game and wind up erasing it either for additional room on my telephone or on the grounds that I haven't played the game in some time. The issue with this is each time you uninstall the game, at that point don't play it for quite a while, the entirety of your information gets erased. Not exclusively is this the fourth time this has occurred, yet I at any rate wish there was an alternative to play on your more seasoned record. I used to have a level 38 record that had SO MUCH on it, and I got so exhausted I about quit playing the game for very nearly an entire year. I returned and I didn't have anything, and I hushed up honestly disillusioned. I played this game when I was youthful and adored the game. It had a snappy soundtrack, straightforward obstructions, fun and difficult to ace ongoing interaction, and the game giving the push to open more beautifiers. Frankly, I never spent a solitary penny on this http://s3.amazonaws.com/subwaysurfers/index.html. At that point, I got exhausted of the game and quit. Presently, I returned, most likely very nearly 2 after 3 years and discovered that, this game is as yet the showstopper it was and still is. Of course, a portion of my advancement was lost (i.e my multiplier and different beautifiers), however I got some back like my preferred board and my preferred outfit for Jake, (which is my preferred character).