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Hello my marshmallow sugar bunnies!! I find myself feeling rather optimistic and cheerful lately, but I don't know what is the reason behind it, perhaps just not yet. Perhaps I'm truly enjoying my semester break right now? Or maybe I'm just trying to have a positive mindset every day. Every morning, I wake up with a fresh mind and an appreciative heart. Every day, I remind myself to be grateful for everything I have in the present, regardless how much I have in possession.

Sometimes I tend to overlook the littler - yet still are valuable - things around me. Sometimes, even people. Instead, I focus on the things I wish I could have have. It just feels bitter. The days were just so grey that there seems to be no point of forcing a smile.

I'm glad that I have changed, however. Reading my old blog entries makes me realise how much I have grown up and changed: from a person who would grumble about almost everything, to a person who counts the little blessings that hide in every corner of my every day.

Now pause. Put down your phone or whatever gadget you have in hand. Try to recall the memories, the beautiful moments, and the wonderful people who once put a smile on your face.

Trust me, you will feel so much happier. Shut your eyes and try it now.

It's already an inevitable fact: that while there are people who love and support you unconditionally, there will also be a bunch of people who hate you and try to make the rest join them, however unreasonably. And these loose cannons will go out of their ways to secretly do bring you name to the muds.

I believe we all know that it's impossible to please everyone. If you choose to allow your hatred thrive upon false statements or opinions against me; I'm sorry but I think I don't need you in my life. I am already tired of defending myself in front of people who regard my personality with a self-lived prejudice. Haters wouldn't be bothered about how you are going to defend yourself, so why should you care either?

I know there are some people who feign themselves as someone friendly and kind when they are in front of me. But when I'm not around, their faces change and they turn their backs on me. All I can say is that: Thank you for acting kind to me, but hey I'm actually aware of the entire picture.

It's easy to make new friends; but it's hard to meet friends who are true to you. Thanks to the many hypocrites I've came across, I'm now more conscious than ever: that it is too important to cherish the people who truly love you for who you are.

And thank you my BFFs, Lumi and Melissa, for being true to me all the time. Sadness began to mount in the back of my mind to think that Melissa is going to study aboard very soon. I will definitely miss our heart-to-heart talks. :'(

We try to spend more time together before she goes overseas to study. So we hanged out yesterday and had a really fun and memorable day together! It was supposed to be a "Photoshooting" day in Bangsar, as I promised them I would bring my DSLR along to take some photographs for them.

I reminded myself to insert the memory card into the camera the night before our outing, and yes, I did. But I really couldn't believe that I was so forgetful, that I totally forgot to insert the battery into my camera. Dang it. I feel so bad for not being meticulous enough, and ended up ruining our initial plan. However, Lumi and Melissa simply brushed it off their shoulders with their beautiful smiles. Hence I feel I must compensate!! So, I accompanied them to hunt around for beautiful clothes in Mid Valley lolol.

On the way to Bangsar to meet Mel! 

Yay Japanese food for lunch! Say hi to Melissa! 

Forever gorgeous - Lumi! 

And...the forever vain - yours truly. :P 

We ordered two sets as they are currently having promotion on weekdays! The set which was served first was the Tempura don and Salmon set! The portion was HUGE. 

Fat juicy salmons that we all love!!


Sushi Platter set which also comes with Miso soup and Chawanmushi! 

Ah, and also the tasty Chicken Karaage! 

Love the soup!

Some selfies with Melissa!! 



Three of us: Inextricable

Unfortunately, Melissa couldn't join us for dinner, but she promised she will meet us again soon. Lumi and I agreed to have our dinner in Italiannies! Chatting with Lumi has always been a lovely thing to do. I love venting my feelings and pouring my thoughts to her, as I'm sure that she will always be one of the best listeners, and an understanding friend. We always share our experiences so that we can also learn from each other, and I simply enjoy our heart-to-heart talks. ♥

Ending this post with a super adorable picture of Lumi haha!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading~ Thanks for hanging around! Love you all!! ♥♥♥ 


  1. I love this blog so much!!! You are so inspiring and pretty ^^

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  4. May I know what do you recommend most in the menu of Itallianies? :)

  5. Jess, blog about your CNY outfits idea please :)

  6. i so curious who is your ted!! haha!! you are so pretty!!! xoxo