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#ChuSan Outfit - Stripes and Overalls

In case you are wondering, Chu San means The Third Day in the lunar calendar, and also of Chinese New Year! :)

In this post, I will be sharing a series of pictures about the outfit I wore on the third day of CNY! Wait a minute, is today the 13th day of CNY already? Alright I'm putting the blame on time for zooming pass so recklessly without any of our consent. Now we're all back to school and work. (And of course, the horrendous traffic congestion, which frightens every driver, is back!) I know it's hard for everyone to bid our favourite holidays adieu, but as cliched as it sounds, that's just how life goes, and what can we do about it. Nonetheless, I hope all of you enjoyed your short break, doing the things you love with the people you adore!

So on the third day of CNY, I wasn't really in the mood to dress up in vibrant colours. Instead, I wanted to put on something more playful and cute! I can't deny it but I think overalls/dungarees are one of the cutest apparels of all time. In my opinion, I think they never fail in making a person look more youthful, funky and casual! Anyway, I decided to wear a very eye-catching high-necked cropped top beneath my overalls. I think it matches my overalls perfectly!

To complement my outfit, I threw on a pair of Dr.Martens boots!! Of course, you can replace it with a pair of creepers, laced-up boots or whatever kind of chunky boots you have which you think is suitable for your outfit.






Outfit details 
Striped top from Topshop 
Dungaree from The It Girl Online Boutique 
Socks from @Huiicloset (Instagram) 
Boots from Dr.Martens 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!  

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