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Dream comes true - shopbunnykisses.com

I believe that wherever we are from and whoever we are, there always lives a dream in us. If you are to ask how I would define the true meaning of life, I'll say that life is but a journey of pursuit: of a dream that already exists since the first day we actually learn what a dream is. And as our heart grows hungry and excited of what life has to offer, time (yeah...as they always do) flies. And as time flies, so have all of us. We take in the seconds, minutes and hours to grow, to grow into someone bigger, someone greater, someone that ultimately stands for something.

And I am proud and happy to share that today, my growth has come to a stage where I feel I must tribute to the one reading this very word. With every ounce of sincerity my heart could virtually carry, allow me to send my carts of gratitude to all of my readers and supporters from...wherever you are! :p Thank you for gracing my journey with your company. It has only made living every fleeing moment all the more worthwhile. Once again, thank you.

Oh, and what is my dream? I always wanted to have my very own boutique (a physical, standing one), with the very first outlet in Pavilion, displaying my very own clothing line, shining with my very own brand. The BunnyKisses. Helllllllllll yes.

"Why am I here today?" - you may ask yourself. Well, your purpose here is a little different. You are invited to witness one of the moments that mean the world to me. And......back to what I wanted to share with all of you. I really can't wait any longer. But before that, can I have some drum rolls to usher my announcement?


Just a few days ago, I have finally officially launched (no, not the boutique of my dream, yet) my very first online boutique! Having an online boutique of my own means the sky to me because I believe that it is a big leap towards the fairyland, where my long-lived dream awaits. I would be achieving a feat if I can manage to be completely calm and cool right now, because I really can't wait to have your beautiful eyes gleaming at what I have to offer in my shop!

Well I guess it's time to shut up, but here you go: www.ShopBunnyKisses.com

Feel free to drop by often and I'm looking forward to your support!

Anyway, here are some items I personally LOVE a lot!!!

Available in black too but oh my god, pink is super adorable!!! 

I'm so in love with chunky boots nowadays, and this is one of my favourites!! I'm also ordering a pair for myself!! Go for it if you are into EDGY styles. 

I love the transparent heels, which creates a very magical illusion as if I'm walking on the moon lol!! Anyway, don't you think it's gorgeous!? 


First, I would like to comment on the quality of the dress - It's SUPERB. Very soft. Very comfortable. And I personally love babydoll dresses a lot lately because they are as cute as it sounds. 

The floral prints - so lovely and dainty. Such a must-get item this season!!!  

I'm accepting the first batch of pre-order from now until 1st of March! Hop over to www.shopbunnykisses.com and add everything you fancy into the shopping cart now. You can pay either by Paypal / Online transaction! 
Good news for my followers: Simply key in "5KISSES" upon checkout to get RM5 off total bill :)

Happy shopping bunnies! x 

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