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First Day of CNY

Have I wished you guys a happy Chinese New Year? No? Well, I'm sorry for being late then but wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! Hope everyone of you is happily spending time with your loved ones during this festive season.

So I'm here to blog about my first day of Chinese New Year!

I remember when I was a kid, I look forward to celebrating CNY pretty much. Wearing new clothes, heading back to hometown to meet my relatives (also known as 姨妈姑姐), wishing them happy CNY and stay young and pretty (lol you know, aunties love this), stuffing red packets into my little pouch, zealously nibbling up all the snacks with my brother, uncontrollably drinking soft drinks, listening to the thunderous sound of the fire crackers and so on. There used to live a longing spirit in me to celebrating this meaningful festival back then.

However, as I grow up, I can't help but think that Chinese New Year is getting boring. Other than having a break from school, I really don't know what else I can be excited for anymore. I don't dislike CNY but I had to admit that I don't find it exceptionally exciting anymore, at least not as of how it was back when I was little. Even when it comes to getting red packets from my family, I no longer feel the thrill of unfolding the red packets one by one, claiming the "rewards".

This year, my family decided not to go visit our hometown because my grandma is facing some locomotion difficulties. To be frank, I hadn't visited my hometown, which is in Ipoh, for a few continuous years already..which also means that I have been celebrating CNY in KL over these recent years. And, it just feels the same: waking up in the same old bed, greeting my parents with the same wishes..

Everything is still the same but this year, nobody buys CNY clothes for me except myself. I'm not exactly complaining that my parents did not buy any new clothes for me, but I just wish I could be a kid again. Being a child can really be so carefree and happy, and getting new clothes for a new year was definitely one of the most exhilarating events of childhood. Growing up on the other hand, there only seems to be more and more things to fret over, and I can only fall back on myself in certain problems. Perhaps my parents wanted me to ignite the flame of independence in me. Perhaps my parents are willing me to learn, that to want also means having to earn it.

I'm not sure whether it might sound like a surprise to you, but I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I don't get everything I want at the only cost of having to point a finger. In fact, I'm working hard to earn the things I want. It has been long that I have completely accepted the fact that I can't rely on my parents forever, because eventually, I will have to stand on my own feet. I'm not trying to fish sympathy out of your kind hearts; but what I really want to express is that as much as to the pampered, my way of growing up may seem like a misfortune, I don't feel ashamed to take pride of it. Everything my parents did makes me a more independent teenager, and by not pampering my they taught me to be a better, and stronger kid.

Ok, why am I talking about this when I'm supposed to stream happiness from this little window? Sorry for venting my loads off here again haha! Alright, let's talk about something cheerful shall we? ;)

We, the Chinese, named the first day of Chinese New Year as 初一 (pronounced as Chu Yi). Traditionally, we were required to wear new or bright-coloured clothes (preferably in red!) on Chu Yi because red represents prosperity, fortune and happiness.

The common Do's and Don'ts on Chu Yi are:

- Wear new clothes (as mentioned above)
- Greet your relatives Gong Xi Fa Cai (not Hong Bao Na Lai!! hahahaahaha)
- Take in "Jai" meals for half a day ("Jai" means vegetarian food)
- Not allowed to wash your hair on that day
- Not allowed to sweep the floor on that day
- No profanity, mocks and curses!

Family portrait! (No idea why my uncle and brother were wearing grey and black wtf!!)

With my cousin sis and granny! 

Oh ya, if you could notice from our family portrait, Lucky wore a traditional costume I bought for him!!

First time wearing Qi Pao (also known as Cheongsam) on Chinese New Year! Really love this intricately designed piece from MGP Label!!!

After lunch, we headed to Pavilion as we had nothing to do at home lolol. Changed into another outfit! :D




Both the shirt and skater skirt I'm wearing are from Zara!

Pavilion was unexpectedly crowded, and we realised that a lot of families were in red! You can already tell that this place is the perfect go-to for family gatherings haha! My day was considered well spent with my lovely family. We had high-tea at Starhill Tea Salon, and I simply enjoy chattering away and laughing our hearts out with my relatives!

And that pretty much sums up the first day of my Chinese New Year. How about yours? 

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