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Had a day out with Teddy a few weeks ago, and this blog entry had remained as a draft for way too long. It's not my usual way of blogging. I used to update every event, occasion or outing not later than one day after the event itself ,but I noticed that I haven't been keeping up to that lately. 

Time is scarce. Every time I intend to write a post up, a new assignment pops up in my mailbox. Attending classes in college is certainly a fun thing to do, but there isn't a fun thing you can enjoy without having to sacrifice anything at all. I'm sick of the timetable for Sem 2, it just sucks. I have to wake up as early as 6 in the morning everyday and I will only be able to get home in the evening. If the class ends at 6pm, I will have to stay in my campus until 7pm (sometimes 7.30pm) just to avoid the horrendous jam all the way home. My hatred for driving is growing so quickly now and I am very, very sure, that you definitely know the terrible feeling of getting choked by a traffic congestion. By the time I reach home, I am already half-dead and nothing will seem to be able to resurrect me. Dragging around my body which is weighing with weariness, I could only shower, do some reading, have my dinner and taadaa, call it a day. Did I mention that I've been sleeping extraordinarily early (9.45pm or 10pm) these days? That's basically my daily routine, and "a change" eventually becomes the top priority in my "wishlist".

With that little time, I now have less time to blog. I didn't dare to check my blog traffic these few days because I know it will only equate to downloading depression into the CPU in my head. The truth remains, people love reading new stuffs, something new, something fresh. I can surely update my blog daily without a fail, if I am a full-time blogger; but so far I have no plans of making "blogging" my career yet. Even if I feel like it, I cannot guarantee that it is going to be a success for me. See? I know it's not supposed to be something that should be worried over, but I am worrying about everything again. There's always this trepidity embedded in my character, which leads me to thinking a lot. And I don't like it at all, not one bit.

Sometimes I just wish to mute the ticking of time, just so that I can do the things I love without feeling guilty. 

But I was being reminded again that: 

Time and tide wait for nobody. 

So everyone, please, seize the day. 








Lamb burger. Little indulgence. 





Pavlova. Especially made for people who have sweet-tooth. 

I wish I can spend more quality time with Teddy because hanging out with him is simply an amazing and joyous thing to do. 

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