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M2U Pay - Makes Online Business Easier

I won't say it's easy to manage an online business. Other than keeping the store updated, online shop owners have to deal with so many other issues. And that one trouble that bugs them the most is surely "Banking". I seriously think shoppers should really appreciate the effort put in and the sacrifices made by the owners. (At least stop asking for discounts when the price stated is already relatively super cheap)

As an online shop owner (@bunnykisses_), I find it very time-consuming and difficult to go through receipts or proofs of purchase from my customers, especially when there are a lot of transactions coming my way - all at once!

It's just like... a few people throwing basketballs at you but you don't know which one to catch first. (Lame example but I can only think of this now lol)

I do find it very confusing sometimes because I couldn't check the name of the buyers when a few transactions are registered simultaneously. And I had to message my buyers to check with them whether they transferred their payment to me. Trust me, it's a hell lot of donkey work.

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So back to the banking issue I have discussed above! Maybank seemed to have recognised the problems that online shop owners are facing, because they have came up with MAYBANK2U PAY! *pops confetti*

To online shop owners: 
If you are suffering from the same problem as I do, you wouldn't want to leave this post unread.

What is Maybank2u Pay?
It is a payment facility designed for small or home businesses that conduct online transactions. It allows online shop owners to manage sales transactions systematically and professionally - with the least of fuss and unnecessary labour. Your customers can now click to pay, by clicking on the Maybank2u Pay icon on your online shop!

Why use Maybank2u Pay? 
With this new payment facility, you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits, such as:
  • Easy reconciliation of sales transactions; as there is a differentiation between normal funds transfers and Maybank2u Pay 
  • Email notification on every transaction 
  • View your sales transaction history for the past 60 days via Maybank2u 
  • "Transaction date", "Time transaction detail and status", "Buyer's name and email", "Amount transferred" will be shown in your dashboard 
How does Maybank2u Pay benefit your customers?
Payment method is simplified through Maybank2u, and payment can be made directly to the seller's account via a simple button. There's no need to remember the seller's account number, so the payment process is very much simplified. No need for proof of payment (i.e. scan / copy of payment receipt) to the seller, too!

How can you register for Maybank2u Pay? 
  • Login to Maybank2u 
  • Click on Maybank2u Pay from the Maybank2u main menu 
  • Click on ‘Apply for Maybank2u Pay' to register for Maybank2u Pay 
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 
  • Click ‘Continue' to proceed to the Registration screen 
  • Provide business details including Business Name, Business Email, Account Number, Business Phone Number, Business Address, Business URL and Business Category. 
  • Click ‘Continue'. 
  • Click ‘Request a TAC' and enter the TAC. 
  • Click ‘Confirm' if all the details entered are correct or click on ‘Go Back' to edit the details Customer will receive a confirmation that the application has been accepted and customers will be notified via email within 1 working day from the application date.

Omg! I think I shall create an online website for bunnykisses and of course register on Maybank2u Pay! Transactions are no longer my worst nightmare!! *phew*

Thank you Maybank for solving every online shop owner's biggest ache in the head! (You know we love you! :P) As for online shoppers, you are now only one click away from purchasing goods from your  favourite online stores with Maybank2u Pay!

Click HERE for more info and to apply for Maybank2u! 

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