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Petronas CNY TVC Launch: Young Hearts

Hey bunnies! If you are literally stalking my Dayre every day, you would have probably known that I was invited to attend a Chinese New Year TVC launch by Petronas and Nuffnang last Thursday!

The event took place in Delicious, Duo Residency. I woke up pretty early in the morning and headed out one hour prior to the event, because I'm so afraid of being caught in a traffic congestion. From home, it actually took me 45 minutes to reach the venue, so the traffic was considered quite jammed isn't it? But luckily, I managed to arrive 15 minutes earlier before the event started haha! (Told you I'm a punctual kid ok)

Woohoo! The pleasure is all mine to attend Petronas' premiere screening: where I get to watch their awesome TVC before everyone. *evil grins*

Bobo was invited too! (My stupid bangs are too hard to be ignored in this picture so I won't ask you guys to ignore it but please don't laugh at me lah)

The event officially started half an hour later where the emcee invited the representative from Petronas to give a short opening speech.

After that, all of us get to enjoy the premiere screening of the TVC, which lasted for three minutes. However, the TVC which is going to be aired on TV will not a complete version; but you can still watch the full version on YouTube!

So here is the cast that appeared in the video!! Did you notice that they are wearing matching outfits? I think they really look like a family!


We are lucky enough to be able to take pictures with the cast!! :D
Credits to Bobostephanie.com for the awesome photos.

Big congrats to the Petronas team!!! Well done!

So that's my outfit of the day! Very "Petronas" right?? :P 



With Bobostephanie and Audrey! (Thanks Bobo for the picture!!)

Thoughts about the TVC:
From a personal perspective, I wouldn't call it a TVC. To me, it's not commercialised at all, on the contrary, I think the Petronas team came up with a well-crafted inspiration that touches our hearts; which portrayed the harmonious relationship that should exist in a family. It is, somehow, very moving and enlightening, and it certainly reminds me of how important it is to keep the bonds strong between family members.

While watching the film, I find myself smiling when I see the two kids in the video grow up together and still bask in genuine happiness as they slowly get old. The ending nearly pushed me to tears, but of course I stubbornly held them back. (I don't want to cry in front of so many people lololol) But surprisingly, I'm not the only one who felt touched and inspired! Bobo, who sat beside me, whispered to me, complimenting on how touching the film was. I could only nod frantically while my eyes remained glued to the screen, haha!

This film is all about love, family relationship and the importance of having a grateful heart.

As I have always mentioned in my blog, I'm learning to appreciate every little thing in my life every day. I'm glad that this video is produced in such a way that reminds people to cherish everything in their lives - And to never forget the little things which once made us smile. 

Watch the video now and I hope you're inspired too! 

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