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Review + Giveaway: Yadah Oh My Sun Block!

Hi bunnies!

As much as I love applying makeup to cover up the blemishes on my face, I'm also very particular about what my skin is feeding on! As I've mentioned for an umpteen times, your skin care regime is definitely much more important than your makeup routine. Why? Because you'll never be able to carry perfect makeup if your skin is not well taken care of.

I've blogged about a lot of skin care tips in my blog and most of the products I blogged about were moisturizing cream, face serum, etc. However, never did I once blog about the product which all of you are familiar with, that is - SUNBLOCK. 

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I do not own any kind of sunblock all these while. I thought my makeup products already contain SPF, but I was told that makeup products do not provide the specialised coverage for us - like what the sunblock can do!

I'm extremely glad to receive my first sunblock ever from Yadah Malaysia!! It's their latest skin care product and I've been using it for 2 weeks by now! I think it's beyond awesome and its lightweight texture simply amazed me! And because of its great benefits, I think it's a must for me to share this product with all of you!!

Disclaimer: I'm not purposely doing this for the sake of getting a sponsored post done. However, I'm sharing this product with my readers simply because I genuinely think it's really remarkably practical. 

Alright, let's get into the introduction of the product now, shall we? 

As mentioned in the picture above, it's made of natural ingredients and is free from chemical ingredients. That only means that the sunblock sings in conflict-free harmony with your skin, regardless of your skin type! With that ding of magic, this product suits younger skins (like mine hoho) the most because our tender skins tend to be more vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

One thing I love about its packaging is that I can simply put it in my bag, and carry it everywhere I go. 

Did I mention how much effort Yadah has put into optimising the sunblock texture? Unlike the usual sunblock which are usually thick and sticky, Yadah's Oh My Sunblock is extremely gentle, non-greasy and lightweight

It's 100% free from artificial colouring and therefore, the colour of this sunblock blends really well with my skin. In other words, it gives my face a very natural and healthy glow; instead of uneven patches on my skin! 

I applied the sunblock on every part of my face! Oh my god, I really have to emphasise that the texture is really smooth and there totally wasn't a hint of grease on my skin!!!
It's also advisable to apply the sunblock over your neck as well! :) 

Now my face is protected from being exposed to the harmful UV rays! To the beach? Yeah I'm good to go! :D 

Let me summarise the 11 key benefits of this product: 

√ Colourless & highly moisturising
√ Exceptionally lightweight in a matte finish
√ Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones
√ Fast-absorbing; Non-sticky and non-greasy
√ Light and refreshing scent
√ Free from 8 harmful chemicals
√ Contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender
√ Formulated with sebum control; non-acnegenic and non-camedogenic
√ Minimize skin damage from sun exposure
√ Fragrance-free
√ No makeup remover is needed
Ok what time is it now? 

I'm giving away THREE tubes of 20ml Yadah Oh My Sun Block to three lucky readers!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information, hop over to Yadah Malaysia's official page:



Congratulations to all the winners! Big thanks to each and everyone of you for joining this giveaway!! Sadly, I have only 3 prizes to be given out :(( If you didn't make it this time, better luck next time! I had a hard time deciding who the winners should be this time because your answers are so nice!! Anyway, for those who are interested, you guys can get this Yadah Oh My Sunblock in any SASA outlets!! 


  1. It's very important to apply sunblock as it can prevent our skin for being damage by UVA and UVB! Sunblock become a must especially we are staying in Malaysia. we should know how important to apply sunblock and make it our daily routine to do so! :) choices@hotmail.my

  2. It's very important to apply sunblock in Malaysia.Malaysia is a spicy hot country in Asia, so before you go out, please make sure that you're apply sunblock to exposed the UV rays that harmful our body :) xuan_98@hotmail.com

  3. It's important to apply sunblock because Malaysia mostly are in hot weather. The sun can directly go thru our skin. Sunblock can prevent sunburn and have protective care for our skin. I used to apply sunblock everyday to make sure my skin stay healthy and protected. Thank you :) soniasim_98@hotmail.com

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  5. Sunblock is a must in my daily skin are routine as it helps me to block away the UVB from sunlight! UVB will makes your skin becomes less moisturized, more freckles and tanner! Most of the sunblock products available instore are greasy, thick and oily that would probably melt or ruin your makeup under the hot sun! Ya dah declares your insecure in thick sunblock products instore! It's gentle , lightweight and non-greasy plus it's 100% free from artificial colouring which is most suitable for sensitive skin like me! I really look forward to try the Yadah new sunblock range! I would definitely like to get this! Thank you!��❤️ ( jessika_woo@hotmail.com )

  6. For me, it's absolutely important to have a sunblock as we're staying in M'sia and the weather here is always hot. Besides, sunblock helps us to block UVA and UVB which is harmful to our skin! I would like to try Yadah's sunblock since I can't really find myself a non-greasy and lightweight sunblock. Thanks!: ) yuu_chan97@live.com

  7. I think everyone should wear sunblock since the ozone layers is depleting and our face need shielding for harmful rays. On the other hand, skin cancer rates is rising day by day and sunblock has been proven to decrease the development for skin cancer. Most importantly, sunblock helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin decolourisation which I am facing now since 14. And as you mentioned above, Yadah sunblock need no makeup remover. I would love to have a try because this is super duper convenient for lazy people like me who doesn't use makeup remover. Besides, you did mentioned that this sunblock is high moisturizing. I am ecstatic to hear that because the sunblock I am using dried my skin a lot. Thank you. ^^ teoevi25@gmail.com

  8. Sunblock is playing an important role in our daily skin care.It protects our skin from exposing to the UV that can harm our skin very badly.When i started to use the skin care products,i used to think that sunblock is not important unless you want to have a fair skin tone.I was wrong as sunblock still protects us from getting various skin diseases! I am really excited to try the Yadah oh my sunblock as I know it can protect my skin well!thanks! :)