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What Doing What I Love Means To Them

I'm aware that my style of blogging has slightly changed since I got myself a portrait lens for my Canon 550D. I have been updating my blog frequently these days and yes, most of them were about fashion, my coordinates and some styling tips. Ever since I bought the new lens, I find myself being carried away by a new surge of passion for photography. As we all know, enjoying taking photographs doesn't necessarily mean that we're good at it; but photography is definitely one of my biggest enthusiasms at this point of time.

I feel glad and appreciative to have received nice comments from some of you, which really injected me with the motivation to keep the blog updates flowing, from my window to yours. Some of you left me a note, saying that you really enjoy reading my outfit posts because you have somehow gained inspiration, or learned some of the styling tips that I have shared. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone in what I love! These comments always make me feel more comfortably obliged to share what I love with the people I love. (yes, all of you!)

However, some people do not really see eye to eye as to what I am currently doing most - Blogging about outfit inspirations. To them, outfit posts are a leeway that bloggers make for themselves to... constantly, yet effortlessly "have" something new up on the blog..? Well, I don't really know for what. But first of all, I have mentioned that I'm willing to accept constructive comments in my previous blog post but I guess some people just didn't get what I said. Is what I expressed so hard to be comprehended?

I'm tired of putting effort in pleasing people who dislike me for no apparent reasons. I'm the kind of person who is really open-minded when it comes to taking in constructive opinions and comments from my readers. But I really find tolerating with people - who leave nasty comments not only to me but others as well - a completely pointless thing to do. Why should I entertain disrespectful people in the first place?

I find it amusing when a person, who named himself/herself Your Ex Reader, left me a ridiculous comment. This person claimed that he/she hates my blog now because I keep posting outfit photos. Apparently, this disappointed "ex reader" of mine perceives me as a lazy blogger, because all I do is post a few photos up on my blog and tadaa, that's about it. The challenge to my sense of humour only got pushed further when this anonymous accused me for "cheating" my readers simply because I constantly update my blog with only posts regarding my outfit . Ostensibly, this person assumes that I only have to pay minimal effort in writing the outfit posts, to successfully reel in plenty of views from quite a number of readers.


I'm a fashion blogger, so what's wrong with blogging about my outfits? Do you think I shall stop blogging about my outfits just to cater to your whim; while the rest of my readers are still encouraging me to blog more about my outfits? I do admit that back then, I didn't really blog a lot about my outfits (at least not as frequently as the present), but still I don't see what is "wrong" with what I'm doing right now.

I cheated you and my readers by posting quality pictures on my blog? Seriously? I have to say that I am utterly unamused when I came to this punchline of the entire comment. At one point, it breaks my heart, to hear that a person who claims to be a reader of mine once, has already turned his/her back on me. I mean, if you truly appreciate my work and my blog, you wouldn't have thrown those words at me right? In this case, maybe you shouldn't have claimed that you were a reader of mine. It is totally unnecessary to tell who you hate that you once admired him/her. It is perfectly okay if you don't see my effort to bear any value at all; but it irks me to the marrows seeing you insinuatingly degraded all fashion bloggers, who put their very heart and souls in bringing out the best of their fashion sense.

AND there is one more point that I feel I must stand up for. I actually do put very much effort in blogging about styling tips, fashion coordinates, etc. The same goes to all the other established fashion bloggers as well. You will not - or maybe never (based on the comment you made) - understand how badly each and every one of their blogpost has taxed their time and energy. It's really saddening to see that some people tend to have the perception that: "Oh..being a fashion blogger is nothing but easy. All they have to do are strike poses and take photos."

No. It's not as easy as what you may have thought, darling.

I know, it would be very much of a demand to ask any of you to have complete knowledge of how much time we have actually spent on gathering our inspirations together, instilling them into our daily coordinates and sharing our inspirations with paragraphs and lines that must not sound too boring and dull.

But it's totally fine that nobody knows how much work there is behind the few "ootd shots". All we ask for, is to not be rudely "appreciated". And please, imagine this: You are to mix and match, and produce a fresh and new-to-market coordinate. Apply makeup for the sake of taking a series of photos, AND THEN remove the makeup once everything is done. Then, sit down and pick, say, 10 out of a hundred photos, decide which to keep and which to discard, make necessary edits and touch-ups, think of how to enact personal thoughts of a coordinate in the language of ABCs, revising the text several times, making amendments, ridding lingual errors, and finally click [Publish].

Sometimes, I might even feel tired of juggling between my studies and blogging. Blogging is already one half of me, and the thought of abandoning my blog could never find its way through my fortified gates of stubbornness. I'm not the kind of person who would give up on what I really love, id est Blogging. Knowing that there's still a number of loyal readers, I feel blessed and grateful over, and over again. Next to updating my blog frequently, replying as many comments as possible and occasionally organizing giveaways are the least that I can do. I really hope that I would find better ways to express gratitude to each and every one of you who are reading this line, right this very moment.

I sincerely wish that all of you would one day see how much you mean to me.
But at the same time, I also hope that you would continue supporting me for doing what I love.
Thank you so much 


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  2. Tbh , I really can see that you spend a lot of time on every single post in your blog . So , the posts are in hogh quality . That's why I like your blog . Don't give up. I will support you ! :)

  3. Hi,
    Every time I click into jessica-chaw's blog, I'll always hope that there are ootd post. In fact, I think I love the style you blog even more!
    Keep the effort!!! We will always support you ❤️

  4. Hey dear it's me again. Ignore the haters and be who you want to be! The sky's in your limit not theirs! Continue doing what you love and I'll always bolster you ❤ xoxo

  5. Ignore the haters:)You are still many supporters to see your blog everday:)Sometimes i just keeping refresh or see back your old post:)I are the best fashion-blogger that i over seen:)U wil change ur style randomly n given my about many fashion tips:)