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Escapism, Fantasy and Wanderlust

Hello darlings! As you can see, I've finally changed my blog layout!!!!

It has been ages since I last have a major transformation for my blog layout. I did make changes, but they were only minor ones, such as changing the blog header, adding a few elements on my sidebar, etc. I've been longing for a brand new skin my entire blog. At first, I decided to hunt for nice and free templates on several websites, only to no avail. Nothing seems to have that special something that catches my eye. I just couldn't find the one and only blog layout that exclusively belongs to me.

I want something for my blog, and only for my blog.

I personally think that a beautiful blog layout is very important because it's what people would deem the first impression upon the very first visit! To me, an unattractive and disorganised layout is a BIG NO NO. Knowing that it's about time I should get my blog a new shirt, I decided to approach Chency, who is a blogger and also a webpage designer, to ask for a hand.

At the first glimpse of her little world online, every single pixel on screen was already calling out to me, that she has to be the one I am looking for. She is really talented and I knew I could have all my trust in her pocket! First of all, she gave me a form which consists of a few questions regarding what kind of blog template I want.

It's crucial to know what kind of feel you want for your blog - A fairyland? Something slick and cool? Or maybe something simple?

Obviously, I chose want my blog to be as dreamy as can be! 

There are just too many reasons why I wanted a dreamy and pastel kind of blog template. I've noticed that most fashion bloggers designed their blogs with a very simple yet organised layout, mostly in black and white. I can't deny that those layouts are really comfortable for reading, but I wanted something different. Something more than just black and white.

So I tried my best to transcript my ideal dreamy layout to Chency, into ABC's. I gave her a rough idea of what the specific elements I would expect in my blog, then she started working on it right after that! Throughout the construction, we communicated a lot. I told her what I wanted; and she tried her best to decipher this picky customer's requests lol. I was especially glad that it was completely easy to liaise with Chency! Probably one of the most professional services I've received :D

Tip: It's difficult to predict what is on one's mind, so to avoid any misunderstanding, it's best that you should clearly communicate with your blog designer, so that he/she can fulfill your requirements! :) 
2 weeks later, MY BLOG LAYOUT IS DONE!!!!! 
Chio or not?!!!! 

I'm so satisfied with her masterpiece!! The little elements surrounding the header, footer and sidebars are all her own drawings. Her creativity drew me to her site at first, and creativity was my blog was enchanted with in the end. 

Now, my blog has turned into a beautiful, dreamy garden! I personally requested her to change the font and line spacing for the content as well - I want to make sure that my dear bunnies can have a comfortable ride down the streams of text. Don't hesitate to email me if you think the font size is uncomfortable for your beautiful eyes! :) 

With this new blog design, I wish it renders you a feeling of escapism, fantasy and wanderlust. 

I sincerely hope that you'll treat this place as a dreamland (as I do too!) where you can relax and enjoy reading blog posts. I love this place, I love my blog, and I hope you do too. ♥ 

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