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Get that eye-popping colour

As I scrolled through my older blog entries which were written back when I still had my colourful highlights and crazy dip-dye, a gush of memories flooded the insides of my head. I am certain that I really miss those insane moments when I was bold enough to dye my hair with such vibrant colours.

Now, they are all gone. Feeling nostalgic as I read on, I can't decide whether I should dye my hair with some crazy colours again, or I should just let the natural colours remain. For a minute, I thought I love my hair as it is - brown and simple - it's so healthy and smooth and shiny. Most importantly, it doesn't require as much care as when I had the crazy colours on. Maybe it's just the right choice. However, my belief begins to falter again, right the moment when I browsed through my older photos. I just miss having a much more glamorous-looking hair which would often attract all the eyeballs as I stride in the streets. (Such an attention-seeker huh? hahahaha) But honestly, I desperately want those colours back, regardless how briefly they would last!

It's just that I dare not damage my hair anymore, or maybe I'm just too lazy to take extra care of my hair as soon as it's dyed lol. So, up till now, I haven't had any plans of dyeing my hair again. (Should I, or should I not????)

Anyway, I visited Supermodel2u's physical store in Subang Jaya a few weeks ago! I decided to bring my college mates along as well because they all want to get several stuffs (which are of my recommendation hehe) to pamper themselves with. It's located opposite to Origi and is easily spotted, all thanks to the walls which are in PINK!!

Landing my right foot into the shop, I was greeted by the founder of Supermodel2u.com - Michelle, who is a petite and very friendly lady! We immediately started hunting for the stuffs we want hahaha! It feels like we are in the girls' heaven because they sell -almost literally - everything a girl needs. You name it, they have it.

So as Michelle was packing the things I have ordered, I stumbled across this little cute thing named Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk standing quietly on the shelf. I was curious of how it actually works and what really renders colours to the hair, so I asked my friend to give it a test - on my hair of course. (FYI, they do provide testers for most of the products; they want you to feel completely comfortable with what you are spending on!) The results were fantastic and, feeling super excited, I told Michelle that I am going to include one pack in my shopping cart!

I'm sure many of you have heard of hair chalks which actually look a lot like writing chalks, but the Hot Huez hair chalk isn't the same. It comes with a few compact that makes application incredibly easy!

Every box comes with four different colours: Neon green, Electric blue, Fiery fuchsia and Hot pink!

"Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look with eye-popping color! Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is fast, easy and washes right out with your shampoo. So whether it's for a rocking day or a special night, Hot Huez™ Hair Chalk is instant glamorous fun just for you. Just choose your hue, slide along hair and color goes on. - Hothuez.com "

To begin with, it's advisable to wear a pair of disposable gloves because the hair chalks would stain your hands (well unless you wanna dye your fingers too lol)

Starting off with my favourite colour - Pink!!

The hair chalks are contained in a compacts - with the cushion girls must be familiar with - for easy application.

Firstly, grab the section of your hair that you wish to dye, then press the hair chalk against your hair.

Next, glide it through the entire strand that you grabbed!

VIOLA!! I'm having pink hair again yay!!!!!

Okay, let's give purple a shot! Repeat the steps mentioned above: Press, glide and colour!

Taadaa!!! If you want the colour to be more striking, you can glide a second layer over the same strand of your hair. 

Never seen myself in green hair before, so I'm definitely giving it a try!!

Hahahaha I look like a maniac with pink and green highlights!!

Tried blue colour too!!!! I HAVE TO SAY LOVE BLUE SO MUCH!!


Tied braids for the streaks and I think the colour combinations are perfect!!


Blue always looks good with green huh?

Purple and pink are just inseparable!! (Oh ya, remember to apply the dye at a distance from your face, otherwise you might end up having colour stains on your face, like I do T_T
Forgive me la, I'm a beginner lolol) 

1) Have temporary vibrant colours with high impact and style 
2) Can be washed out with shampoo 
3) Easy application 
4) Works on all hair colours and hairstyles 

Based on my experience, here are some tips I would like to share: 
  • MUST use a pair of gloves 
  • Cover your shoulders and legs with "dirty-ready" shields (newspaper can be a good choice!)
  • Apply leave-in conditioner on your hair before applying the chalk 
  • Once done, apply hairspray to lock the colours in place

For beginners, the hair chalks might be a little difficult to use. Without caution, the chalks might come off from the compact and get scattered all over the place. But all in all, I had a very fun time creating different hairstyles with these funky colours! 

For those who are interested in owning a pack of your own, you may purchase it from SUPERMODEL2U.COM at only RM39/box!! 

Thanks for reading!!! 

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