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Happy 7th Birthday to Nuffnang!

Nuffnang has officially turned 7!!! #Nuffnangis007  
Happy birthday to the biggest and greatest advertising company in Malaysia! Actually, Nuffnang's birthday falls on February, so this is a belated celebration! Anyway, it was my honour to be invited to Nuffnang's birthday bash. I couldn't suppress the jubilation in my heart when I received the invitation: it's my first time celebrating Nuffnang's birthday with all the Nuffies and Nuffnangers! 

So the theme for this year's birthday bash something related to James Bond 007! We are required to dress up based on the theme
James Bond - Lost In Amazon. 

I was actually squeezed to a corner of dilemma while picking my outfit for the night, because I'm afraid that I might be either overdressed or underdressed. Although this is not the formal kind of party where we have to wear glamorous gowns, I still wish that I can dress up nicely and appropriately for the event.

I spent quite a lot of time to come up with the ideal outfit that matches the theme! On that day itself, Lumi even came to my house earlier so that she can help style me up hahaha! (So it is proven that we were really excited for this event! :P)

Initially, I wanted to throw my leopard-printed tee on with a pair of mini tight skirt down south. However, Lumi said the style was too mature for me haha! So I decided to change into a matching outfit with Lumi - Black top + Tutu Skirt + An oversized jacket!!

While Lumi was styling my hair, I called my driver from Uber to pick us up!

Now you must be wondering: Wow!! Do you even have a personal driver?!! 

My answer is yes and no hahaha!!

I would say yes, because it's a special service (Uberarranged by dear Nuffnang exclusively for blogger talents and some lucky winners. (Of course the service is only for that night hahah!)

Wtf I feel as if I am Cinderella and my pumpkin carriage will be gone after 12am ahahaah!! 

Anyway, my answer is also a "no" too. I wish I could have a driver every day to fetch me to everywhere I want to go but sadly, I'm too poor to afford a driver hahahaha. The only driver who I can afford is me, myself.

So back to the Uber service that I've mentioned!!! Our driver came to pick us up 30 mins after I sent them a request thru the Uber app in my iPhone! The concept behind the Uber service is just brilliant. It makes you feel so exclusive so effortlessly.

Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 70 cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer. - www.uber.com 

Imagine the feeling you get when a personal driver pick you up right in front of your house, and even open the door for you!!! The driver was so courteous that he gave us a very affable-looking smile while greeting and ushering us into the car. I GAVE HIM 5 STARS RATING OK!! This is such a luxurious experience! 

To activate Uber, you will have to download the app and register an account with all your personal details, including your credit card number. You don't need cash when you ride with Uber, because your fare will be automatically charged to your credit card on file once you reach your destination. Don't worry, you can always ask them to inform you of the fare at the end of your trip. 

On the way to KL Life Centre! I was updating my Twitter and Dayre about how awesome Uber is hahaha. 

Meet my sexy Bond Girl!!


Once we reached KL Life Centre, *BAM* an Audi R8 was located right in front of my eyes. I gazed right at him shamelessly with immense admiration because it's my dream car!! 

Dear Audi, can I bring you home with me? Love this shot from Lumi hahaha! 

Another super cool shot by Lumi hahahaha!!

Okay, enough of Audi already. 

So, Nuffnang organized their birthday bash in Barbecue Garden this year!! I've never been here before anyway. 

Got our goodie bags once we reached Barbecue Garden..and we found an envelope in the bag.

We had a secret mission to find out who is the "killer" in the party through a few different challenges!!!! *Cues James Bond music*

Oh hi Brian! He's looking absolutely good with blue hair! 

Our dinner was served in a buffet style! And the food was pretty good! 

Satay, anyone? I would really like to have one now.  

With Brian, Povy and Lumi! 

With Bobostephanie, who looks so gorgeous in her dress! 

With Audrey, one of the bloggers who always inspire me a lot!! 

Hehe another selfie with Povy! 

Bumped into Daphne, Cherrie and Maggie too!! It really was a pleasure to meet them! 

With Daphne! I love her outfit for the night!! 

Anyone up for a game of darts? 

Birthday parties can't go on without WOW PHOTOBOOTH!! Special thanks to Wow Photobooth for being there with us to capture everyone's happy moment!





The bag didn't really match my outfit but I left the house in a hurry, so I didn't have time to make a better pick. My outfit was a conglomerate of boyish and girlish style. One thing is, the tutu skirt may seem like a girly item but it can also be fitted in a boyish style with a jacket pulled over the top (preferably oversized or leather jacket)!!

I had so much fun at the event with all the bloggers! Of course, this event wouldn't be a successful one without the Nuffies! You guys have done a great job!

And here are some words for my dearest Nuffnang:

There are just too many things I want to say. It somehow still feels surreal that I'm a part of Nuffnang. Now I even got closer to them because I'm officially a blogger talent under Nuffnang. I am definitely not the best blogger nor the most successful blogger in Nuffnang, but thank you Nuffnang for encouraging me to chase after my dreams. Thank you for the opportunities I can never find elsewhere. To be honest, I wouldn't be who I am today without Nuffnang. I just feel so blessed to be a part of the big family and I appreciate the team's effort really much. I'm glad that I am a part of this amazing and interesting team!

Once again, happy 7th birthday Nuffnang! 

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