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I did it!

Phew, it was such a long day today. Got up at 6.45am this morning to prepare for school. I was actually feeling slightly dizzy the moment my pupils greeted the darkness beyond my eyelid hello. But I think I was okay, so off to school I went. Had a slice of bread in the car as breakfast, while the dizziness gradually sets in, infiltrating my head from every pore of my skin. 

Only to make things worse, my stomach betrayed me at such a moment of weakness, joining forces  with the villains, arrogantly holding up a sword to signal for the invasion of pain to begin. Thankfully, I was still able to walk to my class. I thought I was late but very fortunately, the lecturer is nowhere to be seen. Gosh I hate being late to the class, I think I don't need to explain why.

The lecturer came in 10 minutes later and I started to feel that the ache in my stomach wasn't the usual "tummy ache". It was a fusion of menstrual cramp and a piercing ache in the stomach, coming at me both at once! Something must be wrong with my body, and I knew that I surely wouldn't be able to pay attention in class whilst clenching my jaws in futile attempts to suppress the pain. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I asked for the permission to leave class to fetch myself some pills. 

Instead of heading to 7-11, I visited the Health Service Centre in my campus. I can't say that I'm a complete stranger to this place; the first time I was here dated back to last year, when I had a terrible diarrhoea. The staff was very kind and professional, and it feels really relieving to know that you're in good hands. I told them of my condition, and I was given 2 Menstrual Panadol pills and *poof* Dozed off on a bed for 2 hours! I wasn't trying to skip class or to slack, not at all. In actual fact, I despise skipping classes. And sometimes I just can't help but to hate my body for being so weak, especially during menstrual period. After the nap, I woke up feeling much better and the pain has receded, along with the annoying dizziness. I got up quickly, thanked everyone in the medical centre and headed straight to my next class. My heart was overflowing with gratitude for the great help, because I really can't afford to be "under maintenance" today. I have an appointment with Steve (from Number 76) this afternoon, and it must not be missed.

I noticed that every time I have an appointment / important event to attend, I will surely fall sick. It's as if my body hates me to the extent where it will devise an evil ploy to make me fall sick during the dates of important occasions, EVERYTIME!! It doesn't only happen once, I really can't recall how many times I have been through this. It's crazy. The same thing happened when I had an appointment with Steve last year, and that was when I was pinned down to rest by the devilish diarrhoea. In the end, I was forced to cancel my appointment wtf. Luckily, I made it this time! 

Anyway, thanks for reading my long-winded introduction. Thanks for being patient, I know you want to see my new hair colour! :P

OK. So I miss my colourful dipdyes so much that I had the urge to dye my hair again. Recently, I registered myself an account in Pinterest just to save all the beautiful hair pictures I've seen online! I was in a dilemma of deciding what my new hair colour shall be. Pink came into my mind first, purple trailed closely after. As I am going to bleach the whole of my hair, I think I should go for a darker colour...not sure in what way they are related to each other, but whatever. *call it a girl's whim*

I showed a few hair photos to Steve so that he can get an idea of the colour I'm asking for! I am only confident when he is, so when he finally told me: "Ok I know what you want already.", I almost jumped skywards and I just might knock the ceiling.

The processes of bleaching and dyeing your hair is irreversible: so it's very important that you must consult a trustable hair saloon and hairstylist. Once your hair is bleached, there's no turning back! Steve did warn me that my hair would be damaged due to the bleaching and colouring process, so I promised myself that I will take good care of it.

After bleaching my hair, I became a blonde for 10 minutes in my life. Do I look like a Barbie doll? :P

The bleaching process itself took almost 3 hours, but I personally think it was still bearable. After bleaching, Steve proceeded with the colouring job. The base colour of my hair is ash purple, the origins (the area near to the roots) is a dark shade of purple, and there are also a few strands of highlights on different parts of my hair, which are in a bright shade of purple. Basically, the colour is like a gradation: it isn't as simple as just purple.

So the entire [bleaching + washing + colouring + washing again + Milbon treatment] routine took me nearly 5 HOURS!! I waited patiently in the saloon, watching customers come and go, thinking to myself that "Urgh this better be worth it. I can't wait to witness the outcome already!!!!" But you know, girls are willing to sacrifice anything for hair and beauty. And oh, shopping too.

Ok la! Brace yourself for the ultimate result!!!!

My goodness. I LOVE IT FULLSTOP.

Selfie like nobody's business yo.





I love my new hair colour so much and I'm gonna name it Midnight Lavender Ash!!! The colour becomes more obvious under sunlight and it will appear darker indoor, which I think is super cool!!! :D

I couldn't see within me even half a trace of regret. In fact, I feel very thankful to have Steve exercise his mastery on my hair!!!! Arigato Steve-san!! If you wish to have a hair transformation - like getting a new haircut or a new hair colour - don't hesitate to make an appointment with Steve from Number 76, Mid Valley!

I think that's all for this blog entry. Don't forget to leave me a comment to tell me what you think about my new hair colour! Love you all ♥ 

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