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Kose Sekkisei Beauty Workshop

Hello dearies!

If you were to ask me: "How do you define a beautiful skin?" 

I'm very particular when it comes to skincare, and therefore, I can actually speak a lot about my definition of having a beautiful skin but this time, I decide to summarise my definition into three words, i.e. Translucent, dewy and glowing.

I'm very fond of girls who have bouncy and glowing skin. Those who have a natural glowing skin doesn't really need much makeup but they still can look very pretty effortlessly. And those are also known as natural beauty!

I always emphasise in my blog that skincare is more important than makeup! So, I was really excited to be invited by Nuffnang and Kose to attend a beauty workshop on last Tuesday in The Gardens Mall. This time, I even bring my girlfriends along so that they can also have a try on Kose's Sekkisei products!! :)

I believe the name KOSÉ isn't something new to many of you already! In fact, it has been in the market since 1946 and is currently one of the leading cosmetic brands in Japan. Since its founding in 1946, the seminal concept in KOSÉ's corporate activities has been to offer the highest quality cosmetic to each and every customer drawing on original technologies. To bring forth the radiance present inherently in all women, KOSÉ had develop a series of breakthrough cosmetics beauty serum and powder-based foundations, and now even skincare products!

Say hello to all these little blue tubes!! 

Lin Yi-Chen, as an ambassador for Kose, she has perfect dewy skin which I am really envious of! 

Before event starts..it's #selfie time yo. 

Okay I'm ready!!! We were given the chance to test a variety of products from the Kose Sekkisei Range. A live demo session was being presented too! :)  

STEP 1: Cleansing 

Fortified with 4 kinds of skin-loving oriental herbal oils, the Kose Sekkisei Cleansing Cream doesn't only cleanse and remove our makeup thoroughly but at the same time, it also brightens our complexion, leaving our skin feeling soft and smooth. 

How much of cleansing cream is enough to cleanse your face? 

Luckily I did not apply heavy makeup that day hehehe :P

We have Ms.Wei Wei as the face model for the workshop! 

Ok! Bare-faced revealed!  

STEP 2 - Sekkisei Lotion Mask! 

This is really special!!! First of all, we were asked to fill the cap with a generous amount of Sekkisei Lotion. Next, we placed the mask into the cap filled with Sekkisei Lotion. The mask will then absorb the lotion and expand!!! 

Yay!! I love applying masks because they never fail making my skin feel refreshed! 



Formulated with Moisture Balance Polymer (developed by KOSÉ ), the Sekkisei Emulsion serves whiten to our skin, maintain the skin's moisture-retaining balance against ambient air, inhibit melanin production and prevent freckles, dark spots & dry rough skin caused by UV rays. So many magic effects. All in one :O

Again, how much of the emulsion is needed? 2 PUMPS ARE ENOUGH for the entire face!

To be honest, my face feels super BOUNCY after applying the Sekkisei Lotion Mask and Emulsion!!!! My face nearly became a TRAMPOLINE wtf!!! (Okay won't exaggerate further, don't roll eyes at me :P) NO SERIOUSLY, THEY ARE JUST WONDERFUL. Even all of my friends feel enchanted with the magic of Sekkisei Lotion Mask and Sekkisei Emulsion.


When you have already applied Sekkisei Lotion Mask and emulsion, basically all you need for your makeup is just BB cream to brighten up your skin! 

One BB Cream; Seven Wonders. 
  • Hides blemishes to give even & natural coverage
  • Brightens skin to look lit from within
  • Lightweight texture, spreads easily & smoothly
  • Cares for skin with oriental plant extracts & UV-A and UV-B protection
  • Time-saving, long-lasting
  • Mineral-oil free
  • Hydrating 

My skin feels really smooth and hydrated after applying the BB cream!! They have 2 different shades of BB cream and I'm using 01 (which is the lightest shade). The texture is really light and I feel as if I'm not applying any sort of makeup on my face!! 

As a whole, I am really satisfied with all the products I've tested on that night!!! How I wish I could bring the full set home! :( 

Only BB cream and some loose powder on my face!!! In mad love with how the products make my skin look glowing and dewy!!!!

Evon, out-going, friendly and bubbly. 

Annie, freelance make-up artist, flirtatious and out-spoken. 
As a make-up artist, Annie see eye-to-eye with me on the greatness of the products! She said she's going to buy the full range of skin care products from Kose! 

With Coey, cute, kind-hearted and affable! 
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's fairest of them all? Ms.Coey it is!!!

A group picture with my girls who have all used Kose's Sekkisei products during the workshop!!! The bright smile on our face are the best proof that we were really satisfied with the Sekkisei products. Heh :P 


 Do you think there’s a princess within you,  biding her time to shine? Do you have what it takes to transform yourself to reach your grandest potential? Are you a modern day Cinderella waiting for a chance to be seen by the eyes of the world? Then your fairy tale begins with the KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest! Stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as RM15,000 cash prize, 1 year of Sukkeisei products supply and even a trip to JAPAN!!!! 

For more information, visit Kose Malaysia's official Facebook page! 

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