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What the heck is an OATOTD??

Well bunnies, it simply means "Outfit And Thoughts Of The Day"! (I know that's lame hahaha!) Anyway, I've been doing a lot of nothing recently and hence, my mind was spared for some time to think about...literally anything. I have a habit of daydreaming whenever I find the chance to, and I don't think it's a bad thing actually. It allows me to reflect on the everyday-stuff about myself: nothing too big or too small.

And today, I feel like sharing a little something about friends. Or I should say, true friends.


Do allow me to start with a question:
Do you have a best friend?


It is only recently that I feel as if a treasure chest have fallen off heaven, crashing right into my embrace. Everyone has best friends of their own, and I believe everyone knows that the feeling of finding one is surely nothing but pure, very pure, happiness.


Let's say you have been to a new place for quite sometime already, and gradually, mortals who belong in the same realm started ripping off their second-skins and facades, one after another. I would quote "second-skins and facades" for I firmly believe that friends will barely change much over time. 

Perhaps not at all - it is usually all thanks to our oblivious selves, that we would at first fail to see what's lying beneath the tablecloth, which our new friends like to play hide-and-seek with. Time alone isn't enough to change, it can only guide us to better understand the people around us.


I have always wondered if I have been a good friend, if not a best friend, to anyone at all. I always wondered what a character I would be in their minds. But I try all I can everyday, anyway. Because I know how great and blessed anyone would feel to be in the company of a very, very nice friend. All along, I perceive that it is one's invaluable gift to have a best friend in life; but now I beg to differ. 

Maybe it simply isn't what seems to be the most valuable, after all.


Because maybe, the ability of being the best friend to someone, is the biggest gift anyone can ever have.


Are you a best friend to anyone? :) 

***Outfit Details*** 
Top from Topshop
Checkered top from USA 
Skirt from Topshop
Laced-up boots from shopbunnykisses.com 

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