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Raid my wardrobe in STYLESPOTTER

A few days ago, I received an invitation email from StyleSpotter to join their Elite programme! When I come across their name "Style Spotter", I immediately have a vision of what StyleSpotter is all about. No time for any ado, I clicked into the website and took a look of it.

What is StyleSpotter all about? 
StyleSpotter aims to be the ultimate fashion and shopping tool where members can instantly shop for fashion across all the top online stores in one place and organise fashion favourites into share-able collections (similar to a Pinterest board but completely shop-able). Unlike similar apps, on StyleSpotter members can also follow each other, and top fashion bloggers for style inspiration.

To begin, you will have to register an account in StyleSpotter. The procedures are extremely easy because you can simply register using your Twitter or Facebook account!

One of the things I love about StyleSpotter is the sleek and simple layout of their website! There isn't a need to fret at all because the features in the website are very user-friendly! Besides, StyleSpotter is also available for download in Apps Store (and runs exclusively well on iPad), for FREE!

Shop Michael Kors, Prada, Forever 21, Topshop and hundreds of other fashion brands - all at a glance. What's even better, you can save up to 70% on your favorite items with the exclusive coupons and deals. You can also set up price trackers to see when your favorite items go on sale (from any store) online. StyleSpotter is the easiest way to shop from the entire fashion web, and save money! 



Apart from shopping your favourite tags and brands in StyleSpotter, you can also check out their blog for fashion inspirations. I find it truly amazing because they have professional bloggers working behind the scenes - serving to analyse and constantly share the latest fashion trends and inspirations! 

StyleSpotter will be the best place for you, if you are one who constantly runs out of mix-and-match ideas! 

Last but not least, you can also follow your favourite fashion bloggers in StyleSpotter, and check out what their favourite collections are! 

Follow my profile if you are interested to know more about the items I have saved and the collections I have created. And yes, feel free to raid my wardrobe in StyleSpotter!! 

Join me now in StyleSpotter! :) 

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