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If you would ask me what my favourite prints are, no question - Tartan it is. I'm pretty addicted to checkered / plaids / tartan prints lately because the style is simply timeless, vintage and classy. It's the it print of the season and is very easy to flexibly style with. It just depends on what kind of style you feel like carrying that day.

As for me, I chose to wear my new Tartan-printed blouse in a light Japanese-gothic style! I extremely love the material of the blouse because it's actually made of silk, pampering your skin with much comfort. The easiest (and probably the laziest) way to match a tartan-printed shirt is to match it with a pair of skater skirt in basic colours. Of course, your imagination and creativity is always free to flow; you might wanna try out different kind of styles! Believe in what you think is beautiful.

This time, I dressed myself up in something slightly different: I pulled up a pair of knee-length socks I got from an online shop. I've never tried to wear socks like this. In fact, I don't think many Malaysians fancy dressing up this way. And I kinda think that not all Malaysians can accept such a way of fashion. Once you step out into the streets, you will definitely attract a LOT of eyeballs, scanning from your head to your toes. And you might be wondering: What's in their mind? Do they see something special...or alien? I can almost assure you that most of them would think it's quirky. However, the situation will be utterly different if you dress up that way in Japan - it is probably a norm for them already. Maybe, just maybe, most of the Malaysians still find it hard to take in the Japanese way of dolling up. But I believe in myself and my own sense of fashion, and I firmly believe that there's nothing wrong with dressing up in any kind of style that I think is nice, and is comfortable for me :)

Details of the outfit:
Tartan-printed blouse from Topshop 
Skater skirt from Zara 
Knee-length socks with studs from Happy2u.cc 
Boots from ShopBunnyKisses 
Necklace from Happy2u.cc 
Braclet from Balenciaga 

Anyway, feel free to tell me what you think about this outfit!

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  1. I agree with you too! Malaysians seldom wear knee socks! When I wear it outside I get loads of stares too!!