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About college life and friends

Apart from the assignments and exams, my college life has been super fun! I honestly think that my college life is much more interesting than high-school life. Well, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I hate my high-school life, it's still memorable and sweet. However, I just feel that college life is entirely different from high-school life, and I've been enjoying myself as every second ticked by. In high-school, there are so many rules and regulations that restrict you from doing this and that and whatnot; in college, nobody is going to tell you about the do's and don'ts because you owe it to yourself that you should learn how to be responsible for yourself and for your actions.

In my opinion, I believe that college is not merely an institution which provides only education. It is also a playground for us to watch our character develop and grow. That explains why it is always very important to mingle around the right people in college! Making new friends on the first day surely is tough, and I believe we all have been through it a good few times already. But who says that it is an excuse for you to not overpower your inhibitions, and step out of your comfort zone? It's completely normal to feel shy at first, but don't hold back in opening up yourself! Be more proactive in the befriend-game and be the one who pops the stranger-bubble!

Most importantly, mix with the friends who accept you for who you are. The reason why is very simple - you just want to be yourself every day when you are with your friends. Your college friends are the ones whom you are going to meet daily, so if you are forcing yourself to be someone you are not, trust me, you will suffer throughout your college life. (of course at some point of time, you have to take in advices from people to change yourself if the change is for the betterment of your character) 

One of the reasons why I love my college life is due to the people I met there. I'm so glad to have met a bunch of amazing friends in college since semester 1! Having them around in school certainly brightens up my everyday. I really can't imagine how uninteresting my college life will be if I am to be all on my own.



Oh ya, most of us have crazy hair colours! :P 

My friends are quirky, but that's why I love them.♥ 


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