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Art in Video Games: Assassin Creed IV Opening Ceremony

Hi bunnies! Let's put fashion, food and skincare posts aside today, as we are about to venture into the world of VIDEO GAMES!!!

*Is there any gamer-bunnies out there?* 

Well, people who love video games - especially action games - should definitely read this! ;)

So I was actually invited by Nuffnang to attend the opening ceremony and press conference of "Art in Video Games", hosted by The One Academy and Ubisoft Singapore last week in the campus of The One Academy itself! It was such an unique experience for me because I've never been to a press conference nor opening ceremony for any video game before! This is a really fresh experience for a typical girl like me LOL.

I am not sure whether girls have heard of these games before. But heck, I am pretty sure that most guys on mother Earth can already spell the title of the game backwards: Assassin's Creed IV & Ghost Recon Online!!! When I mentioned these titles to my brother and Teddy, they were like "Omg!!! How did you even get invited to their launch?!!!" Ahhh, then as a golden swoosh of honour rushed along my neck and down my shoulders, I did what seemed the most appropriate - *flips hair*

Anyway, to be honest, I wasn't really a fan of video games. I don't really find them appealing (well, somehow it just doesn't work for me), but the curiosity to know how video games are "made happen" never died, deep down in my heart. I mean, even though I don't really play video games, I find video game production teams very deserving of admiration. Their duties in their respective positions aren't just jobs; in fact, what they do everyday stretches far beyond entertaining people - they are also adept artists investing top-notch modern arts in the games they have undying passion for.

Keep reading, and you'll see what I see!! :)




Olivier de Rotalier, Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore, presenting his opening speech. 

Group photo: Mr. Tatsun Hoi and Mr. Olivier with The One Academy Alumni Kobe Sek & JC Wong and Ubisoft Singapore team.

I feel so amazed by the storyboards they produced... it's 100000000x better than my drawing skills!!!
How do they even manage to gather such talented Earthlings?

This exhibit is a fantastic opportunity for the Malaysian public to get an insight of the great work behind the scenes, all covered by the studio’s artistic teams. From concept art to videos, visitors will be able to clearly see the intimidating, yet impressive artistic process that leads towards the creation of a video game. 

In the art exhibition, they have displayed 40 pieces of concept art from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Ghost Recon Online! I'm betting that so many guys in this world are jealous of me now. Heh :p



This one somehow reminds me of Narnia...the painting seems so real that I might imagine myself being swallowed by the ocean. *ocean opens its mouth, UMMPP, I disappeared*

Well fortunately, I swam back to reality quickly enough, and I made it just in time to catch the press conference which was coming up next.

Alright let's move on to the press conference: the media's meet and greet with the managing directors and artists from The One Academy & Ubisoft Singapore!


From the left: Olivier de Rotalier (Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore) and Felix Marlo Flor (Art director of Ubisoft Singapore)

Mufizal Mokhtar (Art director in Ubisoft Singapore)

One of the cool characters from Ghost Recon Online. He has three eyes!!! So much coolness and swag omg *new fashion trend spotted*

With Povy! 

Captured as I was awed by the beautiful array of concept artworks of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and Ghost Recon Online. The drawings are so... soul-sucking. I just can't help but imagine myself being in the sceneries haha! 


Oh hello there, Woody! 

Academic awards won by the proud warriors of The One Academy.

Ah!! Mr. Incredible!! 

Buzz Lightyear!! I feel as if I am already in Disneyland hahaha! 

This is probably one of my personal favourites!!

Please, I must capture a close-up shot. I couldn't help but noticed that they really paid so much attention in every single detail - be it the littlest - to the painting. Awesome! 

With the talented team from Ubisoft Singapore; standing next to me was Ubisoft Artist and JC Wong who is The One Academy alumni. 




Ubisoft Singapore artist, JC Wong, also The One Academy Illustration graduate conducting a live drawing demo session, demonstrating how an art work starts from scratch to finish.

 Ubisoft Singapore artist Kobe Sek, also The One Academy graduate answering some of the questions by students during the live drawing session.

 Group photo of the Live drawing session audience and the Ubisoft Singapore team with The One Academy students & team!!


From this



Through this exhibition, not only that The One Academy and Ubisoft Singapore are excited for the world to witness the array of concept art, they are also looking forward to be able to inspire young Malaysian students, that they too can produce such amazing artworks and contribute to the growing design industry. 

Their dedication and perseverance in striving for excellence inspired me so much to chase after my dreams. Traditionally, video games are always labelled as a waste of time or isn't something beneficial. I used to agree with this but after attending this art exhibition, I feel that every video game is a form of art that should be respected, if not appreciated by the society. We can't deny that some teenagers will fall into the pit of banes in playing video games; but we all know that such problems began with the teenagers themselves. There's nothing wrong with the knife - it's the murderer that is actually guilty.

Anyway, this art exhibition was such an eye-opening event for me! I had the opportunity to finally satiate my curiosity of the production of video games, and this entire art exhibition somehow changed the way I perceive video games. I won't force you bunnies to start assassinating "bad guys" in Assassin Creed IV or to blow heads with bullets in Ghost Recon Online, but I would strongly encourage you to take some time in appreciating the beauty of the graphics and the meticulously produced artworks you can find in every pixel of the game.

Ever dreamt of giving birth to a very game of your design?

The One Academy is internationally renowned for nurturing talents at the pinnacle of creativity through courses such as: Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design, Digital Animation with Game development, Fashion Design & Pattern Making, Multimedia design, etc. 

For more info, visit www.toa.edu.my

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