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Crazy Frenzy Sale II!!!

You have to let some of the old stuff go just so the new stuff can come in, right? :p

I couldn't fit anymore new clothes into my tiny wardrobe, so I decided to let go of some of the garments at very low prices!!! To be honest, all the clothes are really fresh and new and good in condition because I've only worn them for once. Some of them were just for my "photoshooting" purpose, which means I never really wear them again after that. 

  • All the prices are excluding postage 
  • All the prices are fixed (not negotiable, thanks for understanding!!!)
  • Serious buyers only, no option of reservations 
  • First come, first served! 

1) Skater dress from TOPSHOP - RM60 (sold out) 

2) Navy Blue Sunflower Skater Dress - RM35

3) Babydoll collared dress - RM35 (sold out) 

4) Lacey black dress - RM25

5) Baseball striped tee - RM20 (sold out) 

6) Banana sweater - RM29

7) Pearl cropped top - RM20 (sold out) 

8) Polka Dots cropped sweater - RM20

9) Beige coloured cardigan - RM20

10) Floral chiffon top from H&M - RM20

11) Jewelled embellished top - RM30


12) Red high-waisted skater skirt - RM25

13) Pink sweater from H&M - RM30 (sold out) 

14) Sunflower monotone cropped sweater - RM25 (sold out) 

15) Hamburger sweater - RM30

16) R.I.P Diet sweater - RM30 

17) Sheer golden floral top - rm25

18) Dreamy Pastel Dress - RM35 (sold out) 


19) Strapless turquoise dress - RM35 (sold out) 

20) Sheer crosses blouse - RM25 

21) One piece Denim Dress - RM25 (sold out) 

22) Crazy for Maths top - RM25 (sold out) 

23) Flowy Beige Top - RM25

24) Crossback maxi dress - RM40 (sold out) 

25) Lilac sweater - RM20 (sold out) 

26) Royal blue laced top - RM25 

27) Floral Zig-zags dress - RM30 

28) Pink flowers romper - RM30 


29) High-quality white skater dress - RM45 (Sold out) 

30) Sheer cropped top (Good for layering purpose!) - RM20 

31) Sheer-sleeved Chiffon Blouse - RM30 

32) Checkered High-waisted Hot Pants - RM25 (Sold out) 



 33) Embroidered White Romper - RM35 (sold out) 

34) Waist cut-out floral dress - RM35 (sold out) 

Besides, my friend is also selling brand new (authentic, of course) Juicy Couture wallet and sling bag at very low price!!! 

Juicy Couture Wallet - RM240 (Sold out) 

Juicy Couture Shoulder Bag - RM240

For those who are interested, please PM me through Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JessicaChaaw 

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