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Povy 22nd COLOUR POP Birthday Bash!

It was Princess Povy's 22nd birthday last, last Friday!

Povy is definitely one of the most affable and sweetest friends I have ever met. I remember we first met in an event organised by Nuffnang. I've actually been reading her blog for a long time now, and I was very delighted to meet her again!

If you would ask me what's my first impression towards Povy... "Umm is she arrogant?" "Or is she a person who is very princess-like and difficult to get along with?" My answer would be NO. Honest. Before I got to meet her personally, I always thought that she might behave a little arrogantly since she is already a renowned blogger. However, our first meeting was already more than enough to prove me wrong. That day, we chatted a lot throughout the event and we even had tea together in Acme Bar & Coffee. From that day onwards, I eventually began looking up to very attractive and admirable personality.

I have already lost count of the times we attended events together. Thanks to Nuffnang, each and every event brought us closer and closer, and I still enjoy her company very much whenever we get to meet.

It was her birthday last week and in order have us join her in an early celebration, she threw a huge birthday party in Container Hotel, located next to Cocotei!

Instagram : @containerhotel

Actually, I never knew that this place is a hotel! It looks more like a restaurant for me! :P

The theme for the birthday party was COLOR POP - which means black and white outfits are strictly prohibited!

Here are the details of my outfit for those of you who are interested :p
Glittery beige top - Ezra from Zalora 
Skater skirt - Zara 
Creepers - Steve Madden 

Got myself a cup of tea while waiting for more people to arrive! Joanne and I were super punctual that day lolol.

So much yummy food served in buffet style (obviously lol)

We took a stroll around the hotel compound and stumbled into this cosy little place with beanbags tossed everywhere. Oh and say hi to Joanne :P

Beanbags prepared by Freeasy
Website : www.freeasy.co

Love this girl. And we are both LEO BABIES!!! 


Who doesn't love Ellui accessories?! ;)

Webstore: www.ellui.com.my

A group pic with the girls!
(The beer Povy was holding was sponsored by Asahi Super Dry and Kronenburg 1664!)

Facebook Page for Asahi Super Dry and Kronenbourg 1664 :
 - https://www.facebook.com/AsahiMalaysia

And OH MY GOD! Look at Povy's personalised birthday cake! It's too cute and it even has my favourite pirate bunny on top of the cake!!! 

Cutie bunny Povy with her birthday cake, exclusively made by Twenty First Qi Pastries!!! I want a birthday cake like this too!

Unfortunately, it started drizzling when we sang Povy the birthday song. Despite the light shower, everyone still sang their hearts out in dedication to the sweetest birthday girl!!

With the lovely birthday girl ♥ 

It was such a great night with all the familiar faces, and I was so happy to have met many new friends!! I had a lot of fun chit-chatting and taking photos with them. The only turn-down for me that night was my long bangs - it's so long that it was covering my eyes whenever perspiration began gathering on my forehead. It really irritated me to the bones. (But don't worry, I got it trimmed already hahaha)

Always loved the photos from WOW Photobooth. The photo-booth itself is like a huge printer which added so much colour and ink to the memories that night, and what's even more amazing is that these printed memories will never, ever fade :')

Photos credit to Jaz Khai and Max Phoo

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