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Fashion & Hair update!

Hey guys!!! It's me again!! (well of course)

First of all, I am going to blog about my new hair colour! Yes, I've got it dyed (again) 2 days ago! The reason why I dyed my hair so frequently is that all my previous hair colours faded within 2 weeks...and I couldn't stand seeing myself beneath the faded colours. :(

The most recent hair colour I had was probably the worst because it only lasted for 15 days and it faded into something like this:

No more purple. But a brown crown and uh... ash green on the bottom, I guess?

I am genuinely unsure of the reason why the previous dyes couldn't really adhere to my hair. I don't even know whether the problem lies on my own hair condition; or the dye itself; or BOTH. I loved the colours so much, and I really wish that they could last longer...for about 3 weeks, at least? But no, all the colours I previously dyed in 76 did not last for more than 2 weeks. As much as I enjoyed their service, I think it doesn't really worth my money after all, because:-

1) The colours did not last more than 2 weeks. (reason unknown thus far, I'll explain below)
2) The "maintenance" fees for coloured hair in 76 is a tad unaffordable for me. (but the impeccable service is worth the price, I must admit this one.)

Disclaimer: I am not trying to negatively comment on 76. In fact, I really love the service they provided for me. But I think it's time to visit another saloon and see whether the colours last long for me, I need to find out if it's the matter with the dye, or it's just my hair. Well, if the colours I dyed in another saloon still do not last long, then I think the problem must be my own hair condition already haha!

SO if you're interested to follow up on this issue, do stay tuned. I'll update on the issue as soon as I make any significant observation!

All my friends who have coloured hair actually got their hair dyed at the same saloon - Hairesources !!!

Well, to be honest, I am quite jealous of them because their hair colour managed to last for more than 3 weeks, not to mention that the colours will still appear really fabulous and vibrant!!! So all of them recommended me to visit Hairesources and give them a try!

2 weeks ago, I tried the Protein Moisturizing Treatment in the aforementioned saloon. It was actually pretty amazing, so I blogged about it on Dayre!

So 2 days ago, I visited them again and I was actually contemplating whether I should allow my hair to return to the Clan of the Black because at one point, I actually felt tired of having coloured hair, as it has been giving me so much headaches. However, Jason, my hairstylist advised me to dye my hair purple - just once more - since I have already bleached my hair anyway. The damage is already done, and he said it would be a bit of a waste if I just dye my hair jet black after the long and painful bleaching process.

Jason: "I know you still like having purple hair, why not try colouring it in our saloon? The colours we are using are solid colours, and they will definitely last longer! What's better is that it actually doesn't inflict high damage to your hair!"

Well okay then. Back to the League of Purple then.

Jason read my mind. I still like having purple hair. So I just said OK!

I told him that I like two-toned colours, so Jason dyed my hair purple with blue highlights!!! Oh ya, if you are wondering, bleaching is not required this time, so yay!





The combination of blue and purple is just lovely and eye-catching!! I am definitely in love. 

THANK YOU HAIRESOURCES!!!! Oh ya, the hair saloon has a very vintage interior design too. I will snap some pictures on my next visit! :D 


Address: No 6, Kuchai maju 8, Entrepreneur park, Off jalan Kuchai lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur. 

As usual, every time after I have my hair dyed, I would surely overflow with buckets of vanity HAHA! So? Take a lot of pictures, of course! So here's a "fashion" update!!!

I am pretty in love with dressing up in boyish styles recently! Yup, skater skirts used to be my best friends but right now, SHORTS AND PANTS ARE MY NEW BFFS!!!

I seldom wear long pants because I always couldn't find them in the right size. They are always either too long or too loose for me. :(

But I am lucky enough to be able to find a pair of cropped pants that suit me perfectly from Taobao!!! (Yes, I love shopping in Taoabo recently hahaha) It's cheap but surprisingly, it has an unexpectedly awesome quality! I am super excited to have finally owned a pair of long pants that suit my petite size - and I can't wait to show you bunnies how I styled it!

Outfit details:
 Jacket from Miira Mew 
Tee from CDG Play 
Cropped pants from Taobao 
Slip-on shoes from Aldo 










It's a style that I have never tried before! SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??!!!!

Cool or not? Handsome or not? :p

Leave me a comment on what do you think of this style / my new hair colour!!! 


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