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Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream Review

You have no idea how damaged, dry and frizzy my hair is after bleaching. Nope, I am not blaming anyone else next to myself for having my hair bleached, the dyeing was my decision after all. And up till now, I have zero regrets about it. 

However, that doesn't mean that I can't share about the pain of having my hair damaged with all of you, right? 

So, back to the main topic - My hair condition. 

It's frizzy, dry and a little bit rough. Sometimes I would wake up looking like a freaking lion. 

Yo that's how my hair exactly looks like every morning I wake up. Cool, or not cool? 

Well, for me, it's not cool at all. Just because the lion's hairstyle doesn't go so well with my appearance, I have to wake up extremely early every morning - just so I can have more time to manage and my hair. I have to be very sure that my hair looks presentable before I head to school every morning - it's what I personally am extremely particular about. Oh, and I absolutely don't want people to have their jaws dropped upon sighting a purple-haired lion haha! 

Nope, the problem doesn't only stop there. I always have a hard time blow-drying my hair. Honestly, it is the most time-consuming and tiring task to do. Why? 

I guess people who have the same hair length as mine would usually take only 10 minutes to be done and over with the hair dryer, which always seems to weigh more and more as time passes wtf.

No, my bleached hair obviously didn't make it any easier. Much to my annoyance, I usually have to spend about 45 minutes to blow-dry my hair. Not forgetting to mention, my hair often tangles when it is half-dried/damp. In the end, I had to apply extra hair cream or hair serum so as to smoothen my hair. #ColouredHairProblems 

All of my friends who have coloured hair are suffering from the same problems. However, as much as we hate our hair condition, we still love the colours so much and we are willing to sacrifice more time to take care of our hair. We take care of them as if they are our pets. I'm serious.

Also, I think we can all agree that our hair will somehow become frizzy amd dry sometimes during mid-day when the weather is hot? So you guys might probably wonder: what kind of hair products do I use to make sure my hair looks shiny and smooth all the time?? Today, I decided to reveal my secret!!! 

*evil laughs as I open my Book of Secrets...hehehe..*

I have tried several brands of hair smoothening cream / hair serum, but sadly none of them can render excellent results the way the Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream promises!!!!


I personally think that the Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream is just AMAZING.

Let's get back to some facts we can rely on. First of all, Sunsilk has two different types of smoothing cream ready to save girls from their pain. The pink one is preferable for all normal hair type, wheareas the orange one is meant for badly damaged hair, like mine! 

Both of the signature products contain 5 natural oils, namely almond, argan, coconut, jojoba and olive oil. Together, they supply nutrients to our hair and keep our hair looking naturally shiny all day long!!


Verdict after using the Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream: 
What I really like about the product is that it gives instant smoothing to my hair right after application, and my hair will look as if it has undergone some intense hair treatment!!!! Besides, it smells super good! What's more, the size of the bottle makes it extremely easy for us to keep a bottle in our bag, so we can carry it to everywhere we go! Woohoo! 

You know it best, we girls always carry compact powder in our handbags, so that we can touch-up on our makeup whenever we need to. Now with the Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream, we can even "touch-up" our hair anytime, anywhere!! You know how our hair will become frizzy sometimes during mid-day when the weather is hot? Now, fret no more because Sunsilk Instant Smoothening Cream is here to fix our frizzy hair in no time!!!

Whether you are outside in the sun, or in the air-conditioned office, or whenever you feel that your hair is slightly dry or simply needs an "instant boost", go ahead and try the Sunsilk smoothening cream. I am sure that you will be amazed by the results, all thanks to the quick Sunsilk cream fix!! 

Well, I am so going to bring that little orange bottle to school every day and share it with my friends!! :P 

Apart from sharing the benefits of the products to you guys, I have an exciting news for you!!! 

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I invited my friend, Coey to join this contest with me because I wanted her to try this product and give it some comments. As she has bleached her hair for many times, it turns out that she finds the product really helpful!! I'm so pleased that she loves it too :

And yo, if you think you can do better than us, wait no more and join the contest! #ChallengeAccepted 

The contest is on and running, and it will end on the 18th of May, so be quick people!! :D 

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