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Growing up with me

So this afternoon, I was revising about the life cycle every form of business would undergo...

Just in case you don't know what I am talking about, here's a simple illustration of what you need to understand for now:

There are 4 stages in a product life cycle: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline.

As I was studying about these life cycle stages, I couldn't help but relate the theories with my blog. I think the graph aptly depicts the stages of growth of my blog, and as I thought went about, this post is naturally given birth! Whee! :D


How I looked like when I was 15 HAHAHA 
No makeup. No contact lenses. 

Do you guys remember when did I start blogging? You do? That would actually be really cool, because I, being an owner of this blog myself, don't even know EXACTLY when I started blogging. I mean, I am uncertain about the exact date/month that I took the first, clueless few steps. However, I remember I took on the journey 5 years ago, when I was 14. (Wow, time certainly did fly!) In the introductory stage, there was no specific target audience for my blog. In fact, I started blogging because at that point, a blog seemed like a good spot to dump my rants or store a collection of the random things in life.

Getting views was literally the last thing I was concerned about. I was sane enough to not expect anyone to just jump in and enjoy my personal life being reduced to words. Who cares, really? Hence, I didn't really have a targeted population of readers. All I did was writing about every snippet of my life, and I used to even make it a daily practice. *determination*

I used to change my blog address very often, because that was the trend back then hahaha and now I think it's stupid. I believe I haven't told you this: Be-jess.blogspot.com & lil-sweetsecret.blogspot.com were my old blog addresses. Nope, all the old posts were not there anymore so you will never have the chance to read my random and silly rants of a perfectly innocent adolescent! Then, I finally came to finally having my very own domain (www.jessica-chaw.com) 4 years ago. I am happy that blogging about this gives me the excuse to recollect about the things I have been doing over the past years.

And I have to say this again, time flies.


A random photo I grabbed from one of my old blog entries in 2011 hahaha! 
It feels funny (yet weird) to look at old photos of my own omg. 

I realised that my first audiences belong to the teenagers' bracket. Most of them are females, some as young as 15 years old, and some as sophisticated as 24! Leave me a comment if you are of a different gender, or you are off the mentioned range of age. It will make my day, really! I honestly don't mind having a wider group of audiences haha so don't be shy, say hi!

Alright, during the growth stage, I would say that it is where I started shaping an image for my blog, and eventually gaining a tiny bit of reputation. No more changing blog addresses - I told myself to stick to "building a nest" in my existing domain. And also, I joined Nuffnang! Entering the vast blogosphere, I got to know a lot of different bloggers (once called "inniters" instead of "bloggers" or "nuffnangers").

My passion for blogging grew by great lengths, and I enjoyed sharing my bits and pieces of life with my readers (there might have been only one or maybe two, which I would never know, but still). I usually blogged about the places I go, awesome food, and random thoughts that zipped through my mind on any particular day. I didn't really blog about fashion back then, because I didn't think I was fashionable enough. (Not necessarily meaning that I now am, but please keep reading heh)

In fact, I was only a teenage girl who loved wearing tee and shorts, along with her Chuck Taylors or Nike. So back then, I often shared about the experiences (which I thought was valuable) I had in my life! Omg, I swear I would revisit my old blog entries again after the coming finals, I kinda missed the way I used to blog years ago.

Well, to summarise anyway, the growth stage of my blog was pretty enjoyable and sweet, because what I valued the most wasn't how many unique views I got each day, but the people I'd met and the friends I'd made through blogging, be them bloggers or readers!


Remember when I had centre-parting for my hair? Hahaha! 

All thanks to the people who showed their continuous support to me, my blog began to collect a slightly more recognition. I'm currently (yes, I mean the present) nowhere close to being big with the number of views I get daily, but I already feel very grateful for the number of readers I have right now.

During the maturity stage, I worked so much harder than the previous just-for-fun years. I blogged about a vast array of topics, ranging from food to beauty and fashion to lifestyle. I struggled, I struggled very much. Back then, I would update my blog very frequently, and people were so amazed by how hardworking and efficient I could be. My hard work was, fortunately, paid off. I got featured in Nuffnang as their featured blogger of a particular month, which consequently earned me ads and sponsors, along with many other opportunities which I appreciate just as much. The reason I employed the word "fortunately" is because I genuinely do feel very lucky.

I often think to myself that I am just another normal girl, living her ordinary life happily with her family and friends, and sharing her not-so-extraordinary life with other people, just like how everyone else does. So what did I do to deserve all these rewards while the others are still struggling, working their heads off? Not sure about why, but I feel so grateful that I am surrounded by people who truly support and love me. But all these feedback cushioned me to the extent that it changed me.

If you have read my previous blog post, you would probably know what kind of a person blogging had moulded me into, and the subsequent changes I have made to my blog. I am no longer that old Jessica who managed (somehow, anyhow) to update her blog every-damn-day, and views just no longer matter as much to me anymore. The maturity stage of my blog is the best, yet the worst phase. The best, simply because it had been really rewarding. The worst, because it had been so tiresome and stressful. Sometimes, I don't seem to enjoy the idea of blogging, not at all. Right now, I can't help but I feel that the maturity stage of my blog has slowly came to its end.

And why am I talking like an old lady here?

June, 2013 with Melissa! Gosh, I miss this girl so much! 

June, 2013 with my pink highlights woohoo! 

Haha I kinda miss my waist-length hair with pink highlights now. 

(I think I shall write another post about my hair transformation hahaha!!) 


The question you may ponder upon: am I giving up already? Am I going to quit blogging already? No, I am not giving up! :D I will continue blogging, but no longer for the mere sake of writing up something to fill up this space which feared inactivity; but to continue exploring the true wonders that only and only blogging, may offer.

Everything we do in life teaches us a lesson and further rewards us with new experiences, so that we learn and grow up. Blogging has been a one heck of a hobby, it has been granting me a lot of different experiences and new values about life.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me all this while. Thank you for reading this wordy post. And most importantly, thank you for growing up with me!!

I hope I will come back to this place, feeling afresh and anew after finals! Till then, adios!

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