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Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ

Hello my loves!! Today, I'm going to blog about one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants that I have ever visited. For those who are following my Instagram updates, you would have probably known that I just had Korean cuisine last night with Baoer and Joanne in Solaris Dutamas - the kingdom of Korean BBQ joints.

I love Solaris Dutamas. It's so near to Publika, and at the same time, both of them are literally food paradises. How I wish I can live in a district nearby one day, so that I can leave no dish unexplored lolol. (But of course, my living expenses would go up drastically and I might even be broke just because of food itself hahaah)

Anyway, Baoer and Joanne brought me to Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ restaurant last night! (it's normal for non-Koreans to find the name hard to pronounce right? hahaha) To be honest, I had never heard of the restaurant before, until both of them took me on a virgin visit. The thing about Joanne and Baoer though: I can always shut my eyes and allow myself to free fall into their safe hands - whenever it comes to restaurant recommendations. They always know the top picks in town!

A variety of BBQ dishes, all at standard mid-high-end pricing. 

What are Korea dishes without a few good sides to munch on?



No big fan of Sake, and hence ICED WATER it is!
*Opinion* Taken sip by sip, water is really helpful in refreshing your palate when you hop from dish to dish. Highly affordable, yet highly able to cleanse your taste buds to fully indulge in the next dish. Isn't that cool? :p

First, appetisers-tantalisers!! However, the portion of side dishes served was a tad disappointing compared to that of other Korean BBQ restaurants. (Not sure whether it's their tactic to do the least in ridding our hunger, just to get us taunted for the main courses?) 

We ordered the BBQ Set which comes with sliced pork belly, pork shoulder, baby octopuses (RM55) and pork ribs marinated in soy sauce (RM27).

The portion of the BBQ set is good for 2-3 people! 

We also ordered the Spicy Rice Balls to top the side dishes off. But from the picture above, you might be wondering: WHERE ARE THE RICE BALLS???? 

HAHAHA let me present you the rice balls maker of the night, Joanne!! 
They don't get the rice balls ready for your mouth - WE make the rice balls ourselves! It's so special!! 

And, they don't grill the pork slices for you. WE grill them ourselves! 

Honestly, I think the idea preserved the authentic DIY tradition in BBQ, and I think it's really fun!! 

Baoer's boyfriend helped to grill the pork slices for us while Joanne made rice balls for us. And I contributed nothing besides eating oh nom nom hahahahaha!!! 

Hmm not exactly....because I actually helped to refill the drinks!!! 
Group pic with my angels!!

Anyway, I am very satisfied with my dinner!! The pork ribs and pork slices were actually so crispy; whereas the marinated pork slices tasted heavenly!! I will surely come back for a second visit

After dinner, we spent a good few hours chit-chatting in Lewisgene cafe!
Cafe Mocha! Baoer's boyfriend said this when we were busy taking pictures of the coffee: "See..most people actually order this not because they really want to drink coffee, they are paying for the picture."

Chocolate waffle with ice-cream! A very simple dish that tasted simply amazing!

Okay, that's all for this blog entry! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!!! ♥

*It's my final-exam-week, wish me luck!! 

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