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Benefit Cosmetic Brow Waxing Experience

Eyebrows are one of the most significant and distinctive features that make up our face. 

Eyebrows are powerful communicators - they help us express our feelings and emotions in a way that no other organ on our body can ever do.

Try to imagine a world where human beings are all born without eyebrows...(omg sounds scary)

Can't really picture it? Here's an example:

 Sorry Miley, I just needed this one example! 

I believe we can all clearly notice the difference of Miley Cyrus with and without eyebrows. In fact, I think nobody can ever look decent or "complete" without eyebrows! (well except for Voldemort)

Well, great news is that most of us are all born with eyebrows! *pops confetti*

But how should I determine the perfect eyebrow shape which suits my face flawlessly? 

With so many options of craft-able eyebrow shape these days - thick, thin, arched, straight - it is natural to feel confused and lost amidst choices: in fact, everyone had surely been through it. It took me a really long time to figure out the eyebrow shape that matches me best, too.

Apparently, straight eyebrows are the most popular one among all, as I believe all of us can notice how girls can be so obsessed with straight eyebrows recently. Straight eyebrows are almost the epitome of Korean beauty and a lot of people are often inspired by the unique way Koreans are groomed, especially their signature straight eyebrows!


I strongly believe that there isn't any universal brow shape which defines absolute beauty, and is able to flatter every woman alive.

The Korean's straight brows is the current trend, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is able to complement everyone's face shape. So, knowing the kind of brow shape that really suits you is much more important than trying to blindly hop onto the Korean-bandwagon!

If you have completely no idea what kind of brow shapes may suit your face, don't fret, because the professional team from Benefit Cosmetic is here to save the day!

Do you know that Benefit Cosmetic is now providing brow-waxing service and other facial waxing services as well?

I've always wanted to try the brow-waxing service in Benefit Cosmetic but back then, I wasn't sure what it is exactly about. But after reading so many blog reviews about the service, I decided to produce a verdict of my own at the outlet in Mid Valley!!

The makeup assistants in Benefit are just so friendly. They greeted me with warm smiles on their faces the moment I took the first step into the premise. Firstly, they will explain the concept behind brow waxing, and the reason why you need it. Then, very considerately, a few questions regarding health conditions will be asked before proceeding to the first step of brow waxing.

A few friends along the journey. 

Oooh hi waxy wax. 

BEFORE I get my brows waxed.
One of the main reasons of keeping my bangs is because I want them to cover my ugly, unshaped eyebrows. I am serious! I am always so unconfident in showing my eyebrows to anyone because they are always so bushy and out of shape. What's even worse is, both of my brows are never at the same length wtf. 

First, the beauty assistant identified the perfect eyebrow shape for me by using the brow-mapping technique. Then, she began drawing the outline of my ideal brow shape using a brow pencil. 

(This pic was actually taken when the beauty assistant was already working on my eyebrows of on the other side)
So after brow-mapping, the beauty assistant applied wax on the designated areas. 

Next, she stripped off the unnecessary hair immediately using a waxing cloth.
Don't get caught in surprise to see tons of hair and even whiteheads on the waxing cloth!!

After waxing, the beauty assistant tweezed some stubborn hairs off the ends of my brows, so that no unruly yet attention-whoring hair will stand out and ruin the entire look of my brows LOL x)

The whole process took about 10 minutes and VOILA! My perfect eyebrows were born!
A slightly redness would be apparent right after waxing, but fret not, they will be gone in no time! 

My beauty assistant also applied some lotion around my brows to soothe and comfort the skin. Then, she also drew my brows using their signature brow kit! 

From bushy and shapeless eyebrow, to amazingly shaped and clean brows!!! I am so glad that I've got my brows done in Benefit Cosmetic! Now I can proudly show everyone my eyebrows already!

Verdict after the brow waxing session: 
Efficient. Clean. Awesome.
Initially, the word "waxing" would give me a cold thrill: I always thought it is going to be painful. But after experiencing it myself, I think the slight degree of pain is actually tolerable! Most importantly, my beauty assistant did everything so efficiently and professionally. No oops or aiya's along the process! Besides, they held on to a strong emphasis on cleanliness as they will never reuse any tool while working on your brows. I was in no worry at all because they are all experienced brow specialists, so you can be rest assured that your eyebrows are in the safe hands of a professional team!

I'm so happy that I got to experience the brow waxing service by Benefit Cosmetic. Now my brows are so well-defined and shaped! Special thanks to the beauty assistant on performing her magic precisely, and fixing my eyebrows with so much love and care!

For more information, check out Benefit Cosmetic's Official Facebook Page and Instagram!  

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