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Eyeliner looks for monolids!

Hi bunnies! Today I'll be showing you some of my favourite eyeliner looks, by using the They're Real! Push-up Liner from Benefit Cosmetics!

On the days when I need to attend events and I want to look a tad more fabulous *flips hair*, I will take out my secret weapon from the treasure chest - the Benefit's Push-up Liner. (Oops, you guys know my secret now!)

 I've also written a review on the eyeliner just a few weeks ago. If you haven't read it already, please read it HERE!

Before that, of course, here's a picture of me without eyeliner.
(I think everyone is already familiar with my face without eyeliner lol) 


Well, just to let you know, I'm definitely nowhere near a professional makeup guru! The purpose of this blog entry is just as innocent as it seems, that is to share my experiences in putting on eyeliners, and also to show you my personal favourite eyeliner looks!

I don't have double-eyelids, but I'm NOT ONE BIT ashamed of having single-eyelids. I've noticed that many people, especially women, are very likely to buy into what the media makes-believe as  better. As the media always portrays women who have double-eyelids to be prettier and more attractive, majority of the people with single-eyelids will feel ashamed of themselves. They often end up giving away hard-earned cash to trade for double-eyelid tapes, or even go for double-eyelid surgeries. To be honest, I don't believe that having single-eyelids is a misfortune, because I believe that people with monolids can also look beautiful and sharp! Perhaps you might think that I am just trying to one-up myself or whatsoever; but the message that I want to convey is that everyone can be beautiful and special in their own way. Try to imagine if everyone has the features Angelababy has; will everyone of us be celebrated like how she is?

Having said that, lets hop back to the topic - eyeliners.

A lot of people would perceive that it's harder for people with single-eyelids to put on eyeliners. In fact, I used to be one of them, but only because I didn't know the tips and tricks of putting on eyeliners for my eye shape.

With lots of practices and experiments, I've finally discovered the perfect eyeliners for myself!

First look - Thin and natural eyeliner 
This look is very simple, and it might just be your everyday-eyeliner look.
Tips for beginners: Begin with drawing dashes above your lash line with your eyes opened,  staring straight at the mirror. With this as a guideline, you can fill in the rest – this time with the eye shut.

Second look - Little sexy wing 
Flatter your eyes by drawing a tiny "wing" at the corner of your eyes! Benefit's Push-Up Liner's AccuFlex™ tip actually makes it a lot easier to grant your eyes a wingspan of seductiveness.

Third look - Cat-eyes babeh!! 



Believe it or not, winged or cat-eye looks are perfect for people who have monolids!! 
The most important factor of single-eyelids makeup is to draw a THICKER eyeliner than the people with double eyelids.

Well, I dare not say that my eyeliner-looks are perfect. I am fully aware that I am still a beginner who has so much room for improvement. It will surely require a lot of patience and practices to put on the PERFECT eyeliners for yourself, so never stop halfway!! You'll never know how close you actually are from perfection ;)

Hopefully this post benefited you!!!

Also, don't forget to check out Benefit Cosmetic's Facebook Page and Instagram for the latest updates of their products!

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