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My Youtube Channel!!

Hello my lovely bunnies!!  

FYI, I'm having my semester break right now until the end of August. So I have a lot of leisure time now to do something which I've been yearning to do a long time ago, that is to make YouTube videos! 

For the past few months, I was really busy with my studies and I barely even have time to blog, let alone make videos. I used to only watch music videos on YouTube when I was younger because I wasn't really into watching the videos made by fellow YouTubers. 

But right now, I am a Youtube addict. I think I can't live a day without watching youtube videos hahaha. What I usually watch are videos of outfit inspirations, makeup tutorials and ROOM TOURS lolol. I don't exactly know why, but I find watching people showing their room decorations very interesting. In a weird way, it actually feels satisfying to be able to take a glimpse at someone else's personal space.

So I mentioned that I have a lot of spare time now, that means I can finally devote myself to making videos! 

While many people believe that videos are more easily produced simply because speaking is faster than typing, I personally think that making videos is way more time-consuming than writing a blog post. Constructing a blog post would normally cost me 2 hours (including photo editing & uploading and production of the main text) whereas making a video usually me about 4-5 hours. 

I've uploaded two videos about some outfit ideas on my YouTube channel recently. Although the videos are pretty short (about 1-2 minutes), it's crazy that the time needed to produce a video of such a length can be of hundred-fiftyfold. Filming outfit videos took me an extra lot of effort because I had to change into about 5 different outfits and sometimes, even hairstyles. I was always drenched in sweat by the end of filming. Luckily, I have iMovie which makes the editing work so much easier and faster! Anyway, I'm trying to learn to edit my videos with Final Cut Pro because I've seen a lot of cool effects people added into their videos with it. (But FCP is soooooo difficult to handle urgh) 

Making videos could be, sometimes, a daunting task but I simply enjoy the entire process. It makes me feel very contented whenever I am finished with filming, editing and finally uploading the video to YouTube. Other than blogging, I feel that making videos is also another great way for me to express myself.

Anyway, here are some of the videos that I've uploaded on my channel recently. 

Taeyang's Eyes Nose Lips Piano cover in full is finally live on my Youtube channel!! I've been receiving a lot of requests for the full version cover ever since I posted short covers on my Instagram. By the way, I love this song a lot and recently, I play it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This video is about how I styled my New Balance shoes! I've came up with 5 different ways of how to match this pair of kicks. If you own a pair of New Balance but have no idea how to style it, I hope this video can inspire you. Of course, you can also share your ideas with me! 

I also made vlogs to document the things that I've done and the places I've been to on a particular day. So this is my VLOG, featuring Joanne!

I hope you enjoy watching them! Thank you so much for giving my videos a "thumbs up" because it really means a lot to me. And thank you if you have already subscribed to my channel!!

If you are interested to watch more videos from me in the near future, do subscribe!


Love y'all! -♥- 

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