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10 things you should do when you wake up

Have you ever tried waking up feeling so annoyed, as if anything and anyone around you can just piss you off for no legitimate reason? 

And it just feels like everything you do on that particular day is not going to work. You just wanna shut yourself in your room and avoid any interaction with the world outside. You just can't deny the existence of an urge to release your stress and to vent your anger. You just can't help but feel so helpless and you keep finding fault with others or yourself. 

That feeling - sucks. 

I believe that everyone has been through this emotional stage before, including myself. It's fine, you know. It's completely normal to feel like that once in a while because we all are so cooped up with our daily stress that sometimes, we just can't properly deal with it. 

However, we should never allow such negative feelings linger within us for the rest of our life (not even for the rest of the day) because if we do, in an instant our lives would become times harder than before.

Stay away from negativity - it is your toxic friend.  

To be able to inhale the "air of positivity" every day, here are some things that you should remind yourself to do when you wake up: 

1) Have breakfast

Picture credits to BluePurpleTattoo 

One should NEVER skip breakfast, because it's the most important meal which kicks start your day. Besides helping you to not starve and live the day like a walking dead, a good breakfast pumps you with enough energy and strength to have you ready for all kinds of tasks. Make yourself a healthy and wholesome dish at home, or simply visit your favourite cafe for a hearty breakfast you deserve. 

As for me, I love indulging in the sheer pleasure of making my own breakfast! I would usually make some toasts with half-boiled eggs, or maybe a fruit yoghurt with milk (recipe HERE!) Cereals with milk, and oatmeal with mueslis and fruits are also some of the great options too! :)

2) Organise your room 

Photo credits to Tumblr. 

I don't know about you, but I absolutely detest messy rooms! It ruins my mood when I see stationeries scattered all over my table and unfolded clothes laying everywhere in my room. 

Clean and organised rooms always make me happy! So I make it a point to always make my bed and clean my room right after brushing my teeth.

3) Remind yourself that things will get better today 

To stay away from negativity, you must, of course, fill yourself with positivity! One of the ways to find inner-peace is by reminding yourself that in time, things are going to get a lot better. All you have to do is to keep your head up and believe in it, sometimes it can be just that simple. Yeah, it usually takes some time for wounds to heal and for feelings to regulate; but trust me, it won't rain forever. You know the storm that you have been through will grant you a beautiful bow of rainbow. Just remember: never give up hope

4) Listen to your favourite song 

Picture credits to Michelle

Listening to your favourite songs will easily make your day. Won't you feel naturally happy when the radio happens to play one of your all-time favourite songs? Music is actually one of the best tools to help us to release stress, relieve depression, reduce anxiety and elevate our mood! 

5) Stay focused 

Many people find it hard to stay focused, and they blame it on the myriad of distractions in life. They always believe that there is a lot of time before the due dates, and thus they procrastinate. It's very important to avoid that, and it is just as important to have it done in the morning. Set a goal for yourself before you even leave the bed. Make a to-do list and jot down the things that you must complete today. Besides, never give yourself excuses to carry forward today's tasks to the following day - because if you do, you'll never be able to complete anything. Don't rush, take things one at a time, step by step. 

6) Learn from your mistakes 

Picture credits to Zineinfo 

Nobody can ever live their life without making ANY mistakes. The worst mistake people can make is to never admit making mistakes. Yes, the past is already the past, but you should always learn from your past. Never be afraid to own up for a mistake, and make sure you always learn from it. When you make mistakes, don't get busy denying them and push the blame to others. Instead, recall and reflect. In fact, the moment you take the responsibility upon yourself, it actually is the moment you start learning something new in your life. Growth and self-development all begin when you start to recognise your own mistakes. And always remind yourself that the only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday

7) Offer a solution, stop complaining 


It's very, very important to keep a positive mood every morning. Not only will negative emotions affect yourself, it will also affect the people around you as well. Avoid throwing a tantrum to anyone in the morning because it just might have the "victim's" mood and emotion ruined for the rest of the day! Always remind yourself to SMILE and greet everyone when you wake up because nobody fancies seeing a bitter face in the early morning! When something is not going your way, think and try to find a way around it, instead of sighing and complaining. Complaining about things never made any situation better, we all know that very well.

8) Communicate 

A lot of us tend to have our eyes glued to our smartphones when we are having breakfast with our family in the morning. Nope, the modern technology nowadays is not to be blamed, because technology itself never once taught us to remain engrossed with our devices when it is mealtime. Put your phone away from the dining table. Spend some quality time with your family and start conversations with them! Communication helps to strengthen the family bond, intensify the love between each other and instill positive vibes in you. 

9) Remind yourself to appreciate 


The moment you stop complaining and start appreciating is actually the moment when happiness comes to you. Appreciate whatever life has given to you. Never take things for granted. Tell your greedy heart to be grateful for everything in life. A lot of people tend to forget to appreciate the little things in life and they keep wanting for more to satiate their endless crave. Look at those kids living in the third-world countries, thriving on inadequate food and water supply, lacking in education, welfare not taken care of. Do they have the Internet to keep them entertained like we do? NO. Do they have a choice of the kind of meal they prefer? NO. Do they have the chance to go to school and get educated like us? NO. 

If you are to say that your life sucks only because you can't get the things you want, think again. 

10) Learn to forgive


Start your every day with a forgiving heart. Learn how to forgive others, and also yourself. Holding grudges makes us unhappy and vengeful. It makes us feel like we are encaged in a prison of anger and hurt, and the beauty of life just seems to be locked away in another dimension, far from where our hearts can see. Forgiving those who have hurt you doesn't necessarily mean that you are admitting that it's okay for people to hurt you. Forgiveness is all about letting go of your grudges and pain, and allowing yourself to move on to a better and happier place, where you can ultimately find peace. 

A lovely morning doesn't just fall into your lap naturally - it is created consciously BY YOURSELF. You have the choice to paint your mornings a bright, cheery yellow or a dull, gloomy grey. You don't have to practice all the things at once, but you can start implementing them in your life one by one. 

Good luck and enjoy your day! ♥

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