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My updated skincare routine!

It's been a year since I last blogged about my skincare routine!!

Here are some older blog posts about the skincare products that I've used -

I've finally made a video about how my skincare routine goes like and you can now watch it on my YouTube channel!! Anyway, I had some problems uploading new videos on my previous YouTube channel, hence I'm forced to create a new one! So if you would like to watch more videos from me in the future, please do subscribe to my NEW youtube channel!!! 

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored video, which means that I'm NOT paid to make this video. I'm making it just because I want to share my daily skincare routine with all of you.

As the condition of my skin is constantly changing, I would have to change my skincare products as well to cater to my "new skin". It's impossible for me to stick to my old products that do not suit my skin anymore. Now, I have a combination of dry and oily skin. My T-Zone is more oily but my cheeks area tends to get drier.

So in this new video, I've featured all the skincare products that I am currently using. They all work really well on my face so I would like to share them with all of you! :)

- Products mentioned - 
 Makeup remover - Benefit Cosmetics 
 Facial Soap - Clinique 
 Exfoliator - Olay's Thermocrystal Polisher 
 Face Lotion - Kose Sekkisei 
 Moisturiser - Clinique Moisturising Gel 
 Nighttime moisturiser - Kiehl's 
 Facial Serum - Benefit Cosmetics 
 Eye Cream - Dr.Brandt 
 Refining Cream - Dermedex 
 Masks - Bevy C. 
 Sunblock - Yadah

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy watching it! If you like it, don't forget to give it a "thumbs up" hehe. Thank you! 

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