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A lesson I learned from a cup of coffee

One of my family rituals is that we will have breakfast together on weekends. (We couldn't have breakfast every morning because I have morning classes and I had to go to school as early as 6.30am)

 I really like the idea of having breakfast together with my family, because it's the only time when everyone is around. We gather around a table of food and have a nice chat while munching our breakfast away. It's something that I have always, always cherished. 

As usual, we had our breakfast together on a blissful Sunday morning. 

I was greatly inspired to write this blog post because of a cup of coffee.

Why? Just keep reading! 

So it actually went like this: 

My mum wanted a cup of iced coffee, but I accidentally ordered a hot one for her. So when the hot coffee was served, my mum requested the waitress to change the hot coffee with a cup of iced one. 

So she told the waitress: Cold one! Can you please change it?

 And then she handed the coffee over to the waitress. 

A few minutes later, the waitress returned with a cup of steaming hot coffee. Baffled, my mum responded: "Um...I actually requested to change the hot coffee into a cold one instead hahaha!" 

The waitress smiled and replied: "Oh, you wanted a cold one is it? I thought you said your coffee was cold, so I made it hot for you hahaha!" 

A simple conversation like this just made us realise how important it is to master the art of communication. Or at least, the technique in making proper choices of words. It made me realise that a simple conversation like this may happen to be not that simple after all.

Sometimes when we communicate with others, it's easy and natural for us to ASSUME that the one on the receiving end will get the message that we intend to convey. However, we often tend to overlook the fact that the assumption can very possibly lead to miscommunication / misunderstanding.
To the receiving party, what we say may not always mean what we want to say.

Misunderstandings also lead to unnecessary and heated arguments, which in turn affect the relationship of both parties. Arguments lead to distance and alienation. Alienation breaks the bond between two people, making it hard for them to discuss on an issue in harmony. There, the vicious cycle goes on.

Therefore, it's really crucial to master the art of communication.

Communicating an intended message clearly and effectively is an essential skill, a skill that all of us should always learn and practice in our daily life. :)

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