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Baby Skin Makeup Look!


If you guys didn't already know, I've made a new video!!! *Yay or nay?*

This time around, I'm sharing some tips on how to get the dewy, baby skin look - with the help of makeup! (Duh!)

Disclaimer: I'm NOT a professional makeup artist, I'm definitely still a newbie and I have sooooo much to learn. I hope I didn't make too much mistakes heh!

So this makeup "tutorial" (I don't like calling it a tutorial because I'm in no position to "teach" anyway, but I couldn't find a word to replace it for now. Just bear with "tutorial" in the meantime, okay?).

Um wait, what was I talking about? 

Oh, actually, the video is made to share my own makeup routine and some tips on how I put on my makeup.

I've been loving how the Japanese apply their makeup since forever (as you know, I'm a big fan of ViVi magazine). Based on my observation, the BABY SKIN + NUDE makeup is more celebrated in ViVi magazine. In other words, they prefer a lighter makeup over a heavy one.


Rule #1 Maintain your skin care routine 
Rule #2 Always prep your skin before applying makeup 
Rule #3 Avoid using THICK foundation (Get a makeup base for a natural swing!) 
Rule #4 Avoid heavy eye makeup 
Rule #5 Apply BLUSHER that gives a natural flush to your face 

Also, this makeup tutorial is exclusively made for BEGINNERS (like me hehehehe) yay!!

Not only that it is simple and quick, this look will also be one of your favourite everyday looks!!

|| Items featured || 

- Kose's Sekkisei Lotion 

- Clinique's Moisturising Gel 
- Benefit's POREfessional Primer (KEY ITEM) 

- Benefit's Big Easy Complexion Enhancer Cream (KEY ITEM) 
- Benefit's Fake Up Concealer 

- Chanel's Natural Finishing Loose Powder 
- Stila Eyeshadow Palette 
- Benefit's They're Real! Mascara 
- Benefit's Benetint (KEY ITEM) 
- Benefit's Lolli Balm 

The POREfessional Primer from Benefit Cosmetics is simply amazing!! It's exactly the product you need if the baby skin look is what you desire to pull off. This primer doesn't only do its job on minimising the pores, but its formulae also makes applying your BB cream and concealer TEN TIMES easier than usual!

Now, let me share with you what I love about the Benefit's Big Easy complexion enhancer cream. Actually, it shouldn't be recognised as a BB cream - in fact it is much better than a BB cream!! I absolutely hate using foundation because its texture is too thick for my taste, and it just makes me feel uncomfortable! However, the Big Easy cream is of featherweight - you won't feel like you're wearing any makeup at all!! Besides, it evens out my skin tone and provides good coverage! Two thumbs up for this product!

BENETINT. I'm in love with this baby! With no intention to exaggerate half a bit, this product can make a huge difference to your makeup. The Benetint gives your cheeks a very natural pink flush, just like how a baby has his / her natural, rosy cheeks!!

Okay wait. I just realised that most of the products that I used in the video are from Benefit Cosmetics. D:

Well, just to murder your cat of curiosity, I'm NOT paid to make this video.

Some of the products are sponsored for REVIEW purposes, and my rights are reserved to choose NOT to mention a single thing about the products if I don't like them at all.
However, I'm eager to share my opinions, and I promise I'll be truthful! :D

Right after making the video, I thought of changing into another outfit for a photoshoot! So here are some shots:





So that's about it! I hope you guys enjoy watching the video! Give it a "thumbs up" if you enjoy it and feel free to share your opinions on this look with me!!

Love y'll! ♥♥♥

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