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How do bloggers earn from blogging (Nuffnang)?

Well, I guess you can probably tell what I'm going to blog about today - my title said it all. Yup, I'm here to blog about one of the most frequently asked questions - How do bloggers earn from blogging?

I've been receiving lots of emails regarding this topic and I know a lot of you curious cats out there would probably be interested on this particular topic. Hence, I decided to share everything I know here and I hope you'll find this post informative for you!

Before we proceed to the topic, I would like to clarify that I'm writing this blog post NOT because I think I am famous and I earn a decent amount of income from blogging. First off, I'm not anywhere near a well-known celebrity blogger and I do not earn a stable monthly income from blogging. However, I do get paid for writing advertorials (we'll talk about this later). Anyway, I'm definitely not encouraging you to exploit your blog as a money-making tool just because you think you can be famous and earn from blogging. I've blogged about my perception towards blogging last year (more on how people treat blogging nowadays), so you can check that out in this LINK. This time, I'm only going to focus on how Bloggers earn some pocket money through blogging.

A lot of people want to be a celebrity blogger, because to them, a life of a celebrity blogger is glamorous, a certain dream-to-live. After all, the "work" they have to do is to just post selfies of themselves, insert witty captions, then BAM, $1000 is already in their pocket, right? 

Unfortunately, it isn't that easy.
Well, if it was that easy, everyone would be a Xiaxue already. 

I've mentioned umpteen times that it is easy to create a blog, but attaining fame and making an income with your blog is never something able to be achieved overnight. 

It requires a hell lot of dedication and perseverance. 

So how can you earn from blogging? 

1) Persist in your business...
as in blogging. Just keep on going. When you start a new blog, I would suggest you to treat your blog like a diary where you can share your stories with the genuine intention of sharing, instead of having thoughts such as "Ok, let me start a blog and see whether I can make money from it!" When set your mind to making money, get yourself ready to deal with a lot, a lot, a lot of disappointment. Sponsors and advertorials don't come easily, and when your primary objective for blogging cannot be achieved as you desired, you're in for a suffering - that you have spent all these time working for the cash you feel that you deserved, and it just never comes. Rather than investing your time into a blog just to make money, I would say  "Blog with your genuine heart, not your business-minded brain." There are a ton of ways to make money, and blogging is surely not the "easier way out".

2) Sign up for an account in Nuffnang.
I believe many of you have heard of Nuffnang, the leading advertising company in Asia Pacific. I joined Nuffnang since 2010, and was noticed by them at 2013. So you see, it took 3 years for me to actually get noticed. And I really think that I'm considered lucky to be noticed by them in 3 years time! There are so many bloggers registered in Nuffnang, but it's not impossible for you to get noticed by them. If you have quality blog content, your hard work will be eventually appreciated.

For those who are new to Nuffnang, you gotta learn how to configure your account and place the code from Nuffnang to your blog. (They have a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your account so please spend a few minutes to check that out)

There are a few ways that you can earn from Nuffnang.

 CPUV Campaigns (Cost-per-unique-visits)
These are earnings from banner ad campaigns based on the number of unique visits the advertiser bought from your blog towards the end  the campaign period. That means, advertisers will select blogs for CPUV Campaigns that meet their criteria. For example, if your blog is more to fashion and beauty, you will generally attract cosmetic companies. In order to be able to PROFIT from this campaign, you gotta have a strong base of readership - because the more the people visiting your blog, the more you can make out of that post.
(However, this is not the primary source of income for my blog)

CPC Campaigns (cost-per-click)

If you guys can notice, there is an ad banner right below my blog header and that ad banner is actually used to display advertisements from Nuffnang. CPC campaigns will generate earnings every time your reader clicks on the ad banner. You'll find it hard to earn from this campaign due to how skeptical we all are towards the safety of ad banners, but that doesn't make it an impossible way to get you an extra cut - just reassure your readers of its legitimacy! However, you should NEVER spam the ad banner by clicking it YOURSELF because Nuffnang can actually detect it, and your earnings will be forfeited.

Sponsored posts 

Alright, let's get to the advertorials, from which I am currently making the majority cut out of. Advertorials will be assigned to you when your blog has a reliable abundance of readers. Nuffnang will help to engage you with potential prominent advertisers, and you will need to write a sponsored post for the advertiser. Bloggers get paid when they are assigned to writing advertorials, of course: the higher your achieved blog traffic, the more you get paid per advertorial. According to what I know, some celebrity bloggers get more than RM1500 per advertorial. 

"How do I get advertorials from Nuffnang?"
There's no secret recipe of how to get advertorials from Nuffnang.
In fact, I've never thought of getting noticed by Nuffnang at all when I first started blogging. But all I can advise is "DON'T STOP ADVANCING." Update your blog frequently: with quality contents and visuals to attract more visitors. However, you really have to be patient. Nothing good ever comes easy, don't expect offers to be knocking at your door overnight. As I mentioned, it took me 3 years, and of course you may do much better than me BUT I don't think anyone can already get recognition upon the first day of signing up.

That's basically how bloggers can earn from blogging (specifically with Nuffnang), with trust-able advertising companies like Nuffnang. As more and more advertising companies are blooming in the industry, you should be extra careful before you join a particular company. A lot of bloggers have experienced the problem of NOT getting paid by irresponsible advertising companies after they've done their job. So, make sure you join the right team, and you will get to enjoy the reward you deserve. 

I hope this post helped you in understanding a little bit more about how bloggers can earn from blogging!
Remember, if we share the same passion, you must never give up, and I wish you all the good luck in your blogging journey!


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