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When: 13.08.2014 
Where: Breakfast, Sogo, Baby Moncher Cafe, Dinner at Fortune Restaurant 

On Day 4 (which was the day after our trip to Disneyland), we didn't really get to visit many places because IT FREAKING RAINED FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. We planned to visit several well-known restaurants in Cenral, but the rain was ceaseless and we could only visit places nearby our hotel. What an unlucky day.

However, we managed to find some good food around Causeway Bay and they did not let us down! So our day was not as bad as we thought would be hahaha!

Randomly snooped into a street near Sogo shopping mall, decided to have breakfast right there!

Any idea on what is this? :P

Taadaa! Glutinous rice with chicken floss and Yao Zha Guai! The combination of flavours was so out-of-the-ordinary that it actually took me quite some time to like it.

P1050389What's better than having a bowl of warm soybean milk on a rainy morning?

Some mini-sesame paus.

Some mini dumplings (锅贴)

Spring Onion Pan Cake!


Woke up with a bad hair omg and it was so bad that I took not more than 5 selfies that day lol. #sonotme #canyoufeelhowbaditis

We shopped for a while in Sogo since it was still raining outside (we couldn't get to anywhere else  comfortably if the rain doesn't stop). As we wandered to the food department which sells mostly Japanese food and snacks, we spotted a bee-line in front of a Japanese restaurant - so we were thinking "Wah since so many people are queueing up for it, the food has to be good la!"

And so, we joined in the queue.

You guys must be wondering: having Japanese food in Hong Kong?? Stupid one ah?

Tell you what - you can never go wrong with opting for Japanese cuisine in HK because the meal we had was amazing!! (We also had Japanese cuisine once on our previous HK trip 4 years ago!)

We ordered 2 Premium Sets, which come with some beverages. 

One of the 3 appetisers that were included in the set was this Corn and Crab stick Salad! 

Curry Cheese Burger Rice. The curry had a strong flavour and it tasted surprisingly good with cheese. :P

P1050403  Gyoza!!! I can finish an entire plate of this! :P

P1050404   BBQ Pork Ramen. I was almost freezing to death in the restaurant and luckily, this bowl of ramen came to my rescue and kept me warm, full and satisfied. Yums!

P1050405 Hokkaido Butter Scallop Ramen. (I know it already sounds delicious hehe) The broth was rich in flavour, not forgetting to mention the fresh juicy scallops which definitely complemented an enjoyment of a lifetime!

P1050406 Another appetiser: BEST Tempura that I've ever tasted!!! It was soooo crispy and the size of the prawn was even bigger than the size of my fingers, no kidding.

P1050407 Chicken Terriyaki Rice. (I did not try this but according to my uncle, it was good!)

P1050408   To me, Japanese food are somehow the best all over the world lolol.

P1050409 Of course, the premium set wouldn't be complete without this Matcha ice-cream with red beans. IT WAS LIKE THE BEST ICE-CREAM I'VE EVER HAD.

 P1050418  Went to the cosmetics department, and guess what we found?!!!

P1050437  Laduree cosmetics!! And they were opened in Sogo not long ago!

I was eyeing on their best-selling product - ROSE PETAL BLUSHER. (By now, you guys should probably already know that blushers and I are besties right?!!) I've tried it myself and the colour was super nice and sweet omg. And I was totally captivated by the lovely packaging!!!

But I didn't want to spend 1000+HKD on only this blusher so I put it back, letting it sit gracefully on the shelf and witness its beauty from afar.

P1050421  Both my mum and aunt went absolutely crazy over Laduree cosmetics too, and we spent nearly 1 hour there lolol.

While the ladies were shopping for cosmetics, the guys (precisely my uncle, brother and my cousin bro) went to this Cafe to enjoy some coffee and pastries. It was really convenient for the gents because the cafe is directly opposite to the Laduree booths.

P1050425    I want this and I want that. Take all my money already please...

Macaron tower as decoration!

P1050432 Pudding and Chiffon Roll Cake. 
You know how people always claim that food which look "cute" usually doesn't taste good at all? This assumption is terribly invalid because the desserts look awesome, tastes EVEN MORE awesome!!

P1050433  Mille crepe with strawberries. 
Ok is anyone willing to deliver some mille crepe to my house right now?!!

P1050440   After that, we headed to Nike Lab for SHOES. (Obviously...)

Spent another hour shopping for shoes and I got myself a pair of white sneakers! Showing it to you guys later hehe :P

For dinner, we settled on the Fortune Restaurant (the restaurant where I had my dimsum!).

And I swear, the dinner was splendid. It was the most FILLING and SCRUMPTIOUS meal we've ever had!!! We ordered the premium dinner set which caters to big families like us!

P1050467 Roasted chicken...roasted dishes at their best!!!

Then we had this plate of 滑鸡...the meat was so succulent, juicy and smooth!!!

P1050472 LOBSTERSSSSSSSSS with creamy sauce. I once thought that lobsters taste just like crabs but I immediately changed my mind after sending a mouthful of this down my tummy. The meat was super juicy and BOUNCY. (Taiwanese refers to it as QQ! hahaha)

P1050473 Lobsters with seasoned broth and noodles. I really can't tell which is better...both dishes are equally perfect!!

P1050476  Peking Duck - thin and crispy!


P1050479  Make it a wrap!

P1050478 Yums my favourite Choi Sum!

P1050480 Steamed fish with authentic soy sauce. I just tried a small portion of the fish because by the time I held my head up and looked for the next spot to dig on, all I could see was the remaining bones and sauce lolol. Too awesome that nobody would have resisted it.

P1050481   After all the main courses, here comes the dessert - Red Bean Tong Sui.

I couldn't finish it because my stomach was about to explode due to the heavy food intake hahaha!!

I instantly felt myself weighing a few kgs heavier after having such a wondrously scrumptious dinner.

It is hard to reduce how thankful I feel to a meagre paragraph, but I just got to point out that I feel really, really grateful to be able to taste such wonderful food (and also come all these way to another country on a holiday). There might be many people who are from much wealthier backgrounds but I can't help but feel that I just might be one of the luckiest people alive. I'm healthy, I'm capable of living my dream, and these heaven-made food once came through my stomach...What more could I ask for?

Life has been teaching me to be appreciative in every way, and I don't see a reason to think different. I guess I just never will.

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