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Sunsilk Perfect Straight to the rescue!

The phone beeps, and upon a swift swipe, Siri reads monotonously, "It's prom night at 9pm."

What? Already? Oh gosh. How can I have forgotten. Luckily, I have the prom dress all prepared and set, hanging behind the door to my room, waiting for me to hop right in and charm every guy coming into my way.


*hurries over to the mirror, almost running*


A mess. My hair is an utter mess.
I can't show up in front of my prom date like THIS, not in a million years! I have to do something about it. Tiptoeing into my aunt's room, I looked for the hair straightener in her "treasure chest".

*the ancient chest creaks open*

My gosh. My hair straightener decides to abandon me at my time of dire need. Really?
I dug up the piles of "treasure" anxiously, scanning for the wonder my aunt fetched all the way from England. No, this must be a joke.

Meh. I guess I'll just have to go to the saloon and get it rebonded. 
Pulling over a sweater and hopping into proper go-out trousers, I headed out hastily.
Tick tick tick. It's half past seven already? Oh well unless a cab comes around within ten minutes, I will never be able to make it to the close-so-early saloon in time. And hello? Where is the cab?

Sweat began to have a little dance party on my forehead.
I spun around, gazing across the street looming with shadows of the night.
Checking my watch again - my gosh - it's already 7.50pm. Even a car that flies won't be able to make it to the saloon that quick.

Oh dear...Just how much more unlucky can I be?

Have you ever thought that this can be happening to you?
No? Well I never did, too. And well. I was left with no choice.
I had to do something so crazy - that for as long as I know what s-h-a-m-e is - I will never want to admit that I have done.

And what did I do? Read on.

Stepping into the house, I calculated how much this world actually hates me.
Missing hair straightener. Missing cab. Little panic-response time. Prom-tonight-and-I-forgot.
Changing back into my chill-at-home outfit, something sitting silently on the study table caught my eye.

I grinned to myself at the mere idea that came into my head. No, this is stupid.
How can this ever work?

But oh well. It doesn't seem like we have much of a choice here. I gotta try, there wasn't a better option.
And there. I actually did it.

Can you guess what I did to save my hair and transform it from messy hair to beautifully straight hair?


Alright, so the craziest and wackiest idea that I'd thought of to transform my messy hair to beautifully straight hair is to...

Straighten my hair with my Macbook hahahahaha

Oh wait...straightening my hair with my Macbook doesn't seem to help. How about ironing it?!?!

Nah, just kidding. :P


Who would still need hair straighteners or rebonding (or even your LAPTOP?!!) when we actually have the SUNSILK PERFECT STRAIGHT SHAMPOO and the SUNSILK PERFECT STRAIGHT CONDITIONER which keeps our hair beautifully straight?



Introducing the latest range of products from Sunsilk, The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner (I call them The Perfect Family hehe). These two babies are the latest variants extending from Sunsilk's existing range. With the Sunsilk's proprietary Straight Lock technology™, these babies will keep your hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries!

Here are the reasons why you SHOULD get the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner:

1) Sunsilk adopts the their very own Straight Lock technology™ in formulating these products.
2) Sunsilk is the ONLY brand in the market which uses the Straight Lock technology ™ and this technology is unique to Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair range.
3) These products are co-created by Yuko Yamashita, a straight hair expert from Tokyo, Japan.
4) The Straight Lock technology™ helps in alignment of hair strands as it dries, so for those who prefer the non-heat way of drying your hair, you can even leave your hair to dry naturally, yet still look beautifully straight!
5) Besides straight and well-aligned hair, Sunsilk Perfect Straight helps to prevent frizziness as well as improve manageability of hair for beautifully neat appearance, which in turn helps reinforce confidence of the user.


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