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Experimenting with CANMAKE Juicy Pure Eyes

Whenever it comes to makeup, I tend to always stay within the walls of a fortress which I name "My Own Comfort Zone". I mean, I always try to keep my makeup minimal: maybe a thin layer of makeup base, some concealer to hide my dark circles away, a tinge of pink blusher and lipstick, and I'm good to go.

Very often, I prefer to leave my eyes "untouched"... I always skip doing makeup for my eyes, simply because I have monolids. Girls who have monolids, like me, will definitely understand the predicaments when it comes to applying eyeshadows. Well, unless you have the techniques of a pro.

Sometimes when I watch makeup tutorials, I always fawn over eyes with enigmatically attractive double eye-lids, and prominent creases. Whenever they say "Apply this colour to your crease to intensify the look...", I could only sigh in frustration - I can't seem to find noticeable creases around my eyes. I can still remember my first attempt of applying eyeshadows after feeling inspired by a makeup tutorial on Youtube. Needless to say, everything failed miserably and I ended up looking like a person who gets hit on my eyes lolol. How embarrassed.

So that explains why you always see me in minimal makeup.
I just didn't want to look like an utter mess!

However, as I started to watch more and more makeup tutorials, I have come to realise that the whole point of watching makeup tutorials isn't about learning to make myself look like someone I'm not. It's all about getting inspired and applying the right techniques which suit our distinctive facial features. Everyone has different features, everyone knows that; but the priority isn't about knowing "how to put on make up".

Instead, it is much more important to know what's the best for ourselves.

Applying makeup isn't only about following the hard rules - it's all about being confident and feeling comfortable with how you are "dressing up your face". If the outcome of applying certain makeup techniques doesn't make you feel good, never be afraid of wiping it all off and trying another approach!

Recently, I've been experimenting with the eyeshadow palettes from CANMAKE! (hahaha I know I'm somewhat late to the makeup game...but hey, it's better late than never, right?) I'm not a professional, but as usual, I just feel like sharing my experience with you all! :)

If you don't already know, CANMAKE has recently launched a new collection of makeup, and within the range I have the most love for The Juicy Pure Eyes (eyeshadows) collection, which comes in 4 different palettes. Each palette carries 3 different tones too! Awesome :p

 Here, I'm using the 04 Sweet Beige palette. 

First, sweep A over your upper eye area, all the way to your brow bone. Then, gently pat B from the midpoint to the inner corner of your eyes (lower). Finally, using a crease brush, apply C on the outer corners of your eyes (upper) and blend inwards. Of course, don't forget to line your eyes with a gel liner and apply mascara!!

Ok la, I know, the eyeliner is a little too harsh here hahahah.




hehehehe makeup all done by myself! I know it certainly isn't perfect, but I'll keep practicing! ;)

Makeup products used: 
CANMAKE Perfect Serum BB Cream
CANMAKE Juicy Pure Eyes 04 Sweet Beige
CANMAKE Perfect Black Eyeliner
CANMAKE Gokunobi Mascara
CANMAKE Cream Cheek
CANMAKE Stay On Balm Rouge


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