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Real way to become famous?


A few days ago, I wrote a post about HOW bloggers can make a living solely based on blogging, and the post has surprisingly attracted quite a lot of readers who are curious or interested about the particular topic. I hope that the post has answered some of the questions that you've been pondering and I hope you find it informative! Well, if you haven't read that post yet, here's the LINK!

I posted the link on my Facebook page and guess what? A fellow left a comment and said: "The real way - good looking"

So from what I perceived, I think that the fellow is trying to imply that BEING GOOD-LOOKING is the REAL WAY to be famous, and earn yourself money from blogging. 

Here comes the question: IS THAT TRUE? 

Are GOOD LOOKS the only key to get famous in the blogging industry? 

Is that true that LOOKS are what it takes for a blogger to become a "celebrity blogger", thus being able to earn money from blogging? 

Is that true that WITHOUT A PRETTY FACE, a blogger will not have a chance to shine and become as successful as those who are more fortunately, born to be better-looking? 

Well, I can't blame that guy for leaving a comment as such, because this is how social norms have indoctrinated if not all, some of our thinking. The realistic society has been constantly portraying and reinforcing good-looking people as "more celebrated" and "popularity-worthy". 

I agree that people are more likely to pay attention on people who are good-looking.
Yup, that is human nature. 

And basically that's why many girls go for plastic surgery / aesthetic operations to enhance their features, to "better" the parts that they feel uncomfortable carrying. 

Disclaimer: I'm definitely not against people who undergo plastic surgery / aesthetic operations nor am I jealous over people who look better than me. I stand firm with the believe that "beauty is in the eyes of beholder." It is everyone's free will to do whatever they want to their faces. I can only say that I am very happy and grateful with what my parents have gifted me.

So let us bring the focus back on track - Is being good-looking the real way to be famous and to earn money? 

My answer would be NO

Although I really can't deny the fact that most of our local celebrity bloggers are pretty good-looking, I insist that being good-looking IS NOT the real way to be successful. 

To me, looks are ephemeral. 

One day, we are all going to grow OLD. Despite the fillers and botox and whatever surgery we can afford today, we can't change the fact that tomorrow, we grow one-day older, and we will eventually end up getting old one day. 

Looks will change and even our body is going to go out of shape one day, but you know what? 
What really keeps you going is your personality, your knowledge, your intellectual property. Time can rob you of your looks, but it certainly cannot take away what is INSIDE you.  

Maybe you might say things like: "At least they feel good for looking good when they're still young!", or "At least it earned them a sum while their attractive looks and curvy body lasted!"

Yes, looks might assist them in opening the doors of opportunity, and looks might even be a bonus for them in this industry.

But why are we believing in the power of something that is so volatile, yet superficial? Why do people always conform to the perception that to be the top in this industry, one has to be good-looking? 

If a blogger gets famous only because he/she is good-looking but NOT because of the contents of his/her blog or his/her unique style of writing, what will happen to him/her when time left little for his/her face to attract?

Do we "unsubscribe" from the "aunty" we used to idolise?
Do we move on to the new and upcoming "celebrities", whose time has just begun?

Will he be still celebrated when we can no longer see his intimidating abs?
Will she be able to continue to make a living from blogging with all the wrinkles and blemishes she never wanted? 

And more importantly, what is left with that "celebrity" when his/her looks are gone? 

I can't deny the fact that most bloggers who are good-looking do get "short-cuts" along the journey, and they might also have a higher opportunity to get noticed and ascend to the top much more quickly, but PRETTY GIRLS ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD. You can't be the King of the Mountain forever because if "beauty" is your competition, there is a rising army out there waiting to push you off the throne. As soon as you grow old, the younger generation will replace you.

And welcome back to where you began from - below. 

I'm not trying to say that a blogger who doesn't give a thought to maintaining an image will be able to survive in this industry,
nor am I trying to argue that bloggers who are good-looking will definitely not be celebrated anymore when they are old.
In fact, there are quite a lot of examples of good-looking celebrity bloggers out there who are armed with exemplary personalities, and also distinct styles of writing. 

In a nutshell, I believe that being good-looking is NOT the most prominent factor in attaining fame / pursuing success in this industry. Instead, I personally think that the recipe to survive in this industry is to never stop learning. Once again, that is only my opinion, just like how the aforementioned dude has his.

To be honest, I feel that I really have so much more to learn. The elders repeated it frequently enough: learning is a never-ending process. No industry stays the same. So stay humble and never stop learning! What better way is there to discover the keys to stay in the game, anyway?