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Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch

What: Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch
When: 23.09.2014
Where: Aloft K.L 

Hey all!! You would have probably known that I was in the Sunsilk Perfect Straight media launch this afternoon if you've been following me on Instagram!
(Follow me now if you haven't already hehehehe :P)

So I was invited by Nuffnang and Sunsilk to attend their new product launch which was held in Aloft KL. The event was a blast and that's why I'm here to tell you how much fun I had during the event! :D

This is definitely the "tourist destination" where everybody stopped by to take a picture hahah!

We were all supposed to dress in purple because the dress code said so. It suddenly just dawns on me that the amount of garments I had in purple is just.....miserable. While rummaging through my wardrobe, I found this little daisy dress in lilac and I thought it would be a perfect dress for the event. So I put it on and paired it with a pair of boots, also not forgetting my statement necklace from Katiez Accessories which spiced up the entire outfit! ;)

With Emma ♥
We've followed each other on Instagram for quite a long time but this is the first time we finally met each other in person. She's drop dead gorgeous!

I really love the setting of the event! Everything was in purple and it renders a very classy feeling haha! 


Co-created with acclaimed straight-hair expert Yuko Yamashita, Sunsilk Perfect Straight has Straight Lock TechnologyTM which keeps hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries! A product you really should consider of bringing home.

For most girls, there is always that ‘magic moment’ between wet and dry hair when it looks perfectly straight. However, as the hair starts to dry, it often becomes frizzy and out of shape. Sunsilk Perfect Straight can easily save your day!! Surely and promisingly, it locks in the straightness in each strand of your hair, allowing them to stay straight as it dries! 

From the left: Sazzy Falak, Ashlee Ng (Personal Care Director of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd.),  Phoenix Ho, Brand Manager of Sunsilk, John Goh, Research and Development Deploy Manager,  Xandria Ooi (producer and TV host), Hannah Tan (Model and emcee) and Deborah Henry share the excitement as Sunsilk proudly unveiled the new Sunsilk Perfect Straight for beautifully straight and aligned hair in just one wash.

Sunsilk introduced Perfect Straight with a mini-play to bring to life the proposition of achieving straight hair with just one wash!

The play was really entertaining and the dance performance was great too!

John Goh, Research & Development Deploy Manager accompanied by a hairstylist, showing the difference that Sunsilk Perfect Straight makes during a live demonstration at the launch. 

Hahahah if hair shampoo and conditioner come in life-sized bottles, I guess I will never have to buy them anymore in my entire life lolol.

Group picture! ♥
From the left: Juwei, Nana, Daphne, Cherrie, Jane, me and Tziaaa!

With my hottie manager, Mel and Tziaaa! 

With the gorgeous Juwei!


Some delicious refreshments served after the show! 

Playing around with the Sunsilk kiosk! 






Big thanks to Sunsilk for the amazing gift!

Embrace your beautifully straight hair, only with Sunsilk Perfect Straight. ♥

From 17 September 2014 to 28 October 2014, Sunsilk is calling out all the girls to take up the ‘Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Challenge’ for a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10,000!! 

To participate, follow these steps: 
1. Visit Sunsilk Malaysia’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SunsilkMalaysia) and click on the Sunsilk Perfect Straight app. 
2. Draw as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds. 
3. Write the most creative slogan about Sunsilk Perfect Straight. 

 Every week, 10 lucky winners with the top scores and most creative slogans will each receive RM100 cash vouchers and Sunsilk products. The grand prize winner will enjoy a one night’s stay for two at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, RM300 shopping vouchers and also Sunsilk products! 

For more information and updates on Sunsilk, stay tuned to www.facebook.com/SunsilkMalaysia.

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