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Why? I Don't Know...It's A Pie Thing ;)

You have no idea how much I love eating PIES. Every time I visit Dome's, I order nothing else but the Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Whenever my mum makes apple crumble pies, I can have them for all three meals a day. This is how much I love pies hehehehe.  

I believe most of you have heard of A PIE THING, a restaurant which has just opened earlier this year. However, their humble-looking pies quickly rose through the ranks of the local specialty restaurants, and is now one of my favourite go-to's whenever I crave for a late-afternoon snack, or tummy-warming supper!

I have always wanted to be there to try out the much hyped-about Pie, but since they only operate from 4pm-11pm, it's hard to convince anyone in the family to take me there T_T
But there was Teddy! He asked me if we should to make a visit to the restaurant together, and off we went! :p

Lemme take a selfie. 

To go with the best of pies, they also serve various kinds of drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, etc!

This is a self-service restaurant: so order, pay, get your receipt, and pick up your food! There are a few combination of toppings that you can choose for your pies!

I would suggest you to go for THE MASCHARE if you want something heavier and more savoury. 

They have a wide selection of pies, ranging from to "main course" pies to dessert pies!  

 I wasn't so attracted by the dessert pies, but HECK, I had a hard time choosing what I want to eat from the myriad of main pies!!! There are Chicken and Mushroom, Cheesy Chicken, Chunky Steak and even Pulled Lamb... *can I have all of them, please?*


Teddy ordered the Cheesy Chicken, with mash and gravy.
According to him, the pie was the gate to Paradise.

Piercing through the crust with a fork, get your tastebuds ready for the embrace of a burst of fragrance you have never experienced. The cheese melted perfectly with the chicken and no pie on Earth could have tasted any better...
And before I could note down all of his flurry of compliments, he was already delightfully munching on his pie LOL

I ordered the Pulled Lamb with Maschacre because I was curious how the fusion of tastes would turn out. At the first glance, I was thinking "Heh, this little thing surely can't fill me up."

When the pie was served,
the gravy was steaming, the mash was warm, the pea was appealing, and the pie is ready to explode.

The idea of having everything - pea, mash, gravy and pie - may be intimidating, but hey, who doesn't want the most epic of experiences on the first visit? Everything went like lock-and-key - the tastes just fit into each other perfectly well. The toppings then the pie, or everything-at-once it's all up to you.

The gravy was not too salty, just right; the mash tasted of awesome potatoes; the pea was fresh, and last but not least, the lamb killed it. The "lamb's odour" wasn't strong, and I guess even the ones who used to despise how mutton smell can actually enjoy this pie.

It was only scoop after scoop that I realised - oh boy, just how wrong I was! Although the pie looked like a "no-biggie" at first, it actually was pretty-damn filling.



We'll definitely come back again for the dessert pies!
(didn't have any space left in the tummy to carry more :p)

A Pie Thing 
128 G, Jalan SS 21/35, 
Damansara Utama,
 47400 Petaling Jaya,
Business hours: 4pm-11pm 

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