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Hello bunnies!! My final exam is officially over and I can have all the time in the world to do what I have always wanted to do!!! 

Shopping, getting back on making Youtube videos, more blogging and YES MORE GIVEAWAYS!! 

So I went shopping in Nu Sentral today and guess what? I did some shopping for you guys too!!! 

First stop - Bath and Body Works! (omg it has finally opened in Malaysia!!!!) 

I'm soooo excited when my friend, Natalie tweeted a picture of the store. I was like OH MY GOD SINCE WHEN DOE BATH AND BODY WORKS EXIST IN MALAYSIA?!?!? 

So I was told that it was just opened yesterday (13th of Dec). The store is both physically and figuratively huge: complete with an extensive collection of shower gel, body lotion, body mist, hand sanitiser, candles, etc!!! As a result, the store smells so good it was almost like a freaking unicorn land... Wait, what was I saying?

Sorry. Got a little overly-excited hahaha! 

Okay, so I got myself some shower gel in different scent and I also got you guys something from Bath and Body Works!!! 

Next, I visited Typo. 

Oh gosh, now tell me, who doesn't love Typo? (Oh wait, I mean Typo the stationery shop, not literally...typo) 

Whenever I step into Typo, I get the urge of SPLURGING. Honestly, everything is sooooo cute and I especially love their notebooks. I got myself some notebooks for school and don't worry, I bought some for you guys too!!!! I understand that almost everyone has their own unique taste, but I chose 4 notebooks with the design I personally fancy the most, and I hope you guys will like them! Besides, I also got a super adorable headphone and I LOVE IT SO MUCH..! But hey, because I love you guys more than I love the headphone, I decided to include it into my "giveaway" prize list!!! 

So after shopping in Typo, I headed to Sephora. Got my brow waxing done in Benefit Cosmetics (as usual) and then I continued to hunt down Christmas presents for my friends and of course, you guys. I was so attracted to the Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette (which comes with 5 basic eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer, an eyeliner and a mascara): the packaging, the colours, everything. I've seen so many positive reviews about cosmetics from Urban Decay and so I decided to get the palette too!!! 

Sometimes I just don't know how to thank you guys for following and supporting me since beginning. If it is possible, I would like to personally meet every single one of you, talk to you guys and give a big hug to each and everyone of you. You guys really mean so much to me and I wouldn't even be who I am today without each one of you (although I'm not anywhere near successful yet). Blogging is not my full-time job, it's something I do out of interest and I never thought that it would take me this far back when I was typing the first sentence, giving birth to this blog you are reading right now.

Thank you

 I appreciate you guys. I want to give back to you guys... to thank you for the unceasing love and support. 

And hence, this giveaway!! ♥ 

Okay enough of the chocolate coating for this post, let's see what the prizes are and how you can get them for Christmas!!!

There will be 3 set of prizes to be given away to 3 lucky winners. 

The first set of the prize is the Facebook prize, which means, you will have to
1) Like my Facebook page
2) Share the picture I posted (link here) on your Facebook profile, with the tagline completed: "I wanna win this set of prize from Jessica Chaw because_______" and tag 3 friends.
3) Comment "done" under the picture after you have done all the steps!
Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC, and the privacy settings of the post should be set to PUBLIC as well, so that I can view your post!! 

The next set of prize is the Instagram prize. To win, all you have to do is to
1) Follow me on Instagram @JessicaChaw
2) Repost the picture (link here) on your Instagram, with the tagline completed: "I wanna win this set of prize from @JessicaChaw because_______" and hashtag #MerryJessMas (Remember to tag me in the picture)
3) Comment "done" in the picture I posted after you have done all the steps!
Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC so that I can see your post!! 

One more set of the prize is the Blog prize. To win, all you have to do is to 
1) Share the link of this post (HERE) on your Facebook profile, tag my Facebook page with the caption: "Join this giveaway by @JessicaChaw to win away a Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette and many other prizes!" 
2) Leave me a comment in my comment box below this blog post, and tell me what you like about me or my blog (basically, you can tell me whatever you want, I'm open for constructive suggestions and comments) 
3) Make sure you include your email address and also Facebook profile URL before submitting the comment. 

Things I got for you guys!!

Facebook Prize 
Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shower gel, Body Lotion, and Fragrance Mist (worth rm40) // 3 Notebooks from Typo (worth rm30) // Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Shampoo, Treatment Mask and Hair Oil (forgot the price cuz I bought it quite long time ago)





Instagram Prize 
Typo Headphone (worth rm59) // Typo Travel Journal (worth rm89) // Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitisers (worth rm30) 








Blog Prize
Naked Urban Decay On The Run Palette (worth rm188) // Bath and Body Works Body Lotion x2 and Fragrance Mist (worth rm40)






Giveaway details (IMPORTANT): 

1) Giveaway starts as soon as I post the photos (15.12.2014)
2) Submission deadline is at 10pm, 20.12.2014
3) Winners will be contacted via Facebook message / email on 23.12.2014
4) This giveaway is available for Malaysians only.
5) You are allowed to enter all 3 categories, but will only be entitled to 1 prize.
6) Multiple entries are allowed.
7) Winners will be chosen based on the creativity and originality of the tagline.
8) Entries for the blog prize without email address and public Facebook profile will be disqualified.

Disclaimer: All the items above are NOT sponsored, but are purchased with my own money.

Good luck and I love all of you!!!! 


  1. Hello Jessica,

    I really wanted to win this Blog Giveaway because I really yearn to get engaged with Urban Decay's product. Because why not?
    Makeup is everywhere these days, whether it’s at clothing or grocery stores I’m bombarded with choices. However many of the brands, such as Urban Decay that are on offer are pretty expensive. I always have that one thought which “Is paying that much extra really worth it? Or are their drugstore counterparts just as good?”

    Doing makeup is one of my favourite hobbies because there is so much you can do with it. From a dramatic smokey eye for a night out, or a simple nude look for going to class, the options are endless when you have the right materials. I’ve recently been shopping online for Christmas list items for best friend, and I’ve noticed just how hard it is to get high quality makeup on a college budget. Brands like MAC Cosmetics and Tarte, and practically anything else sold at Sephora are all over social media such as YouTube. Beauty gurus get the best products from these brands for free to convince us to get them as well. Us college girls consider ourselves lucky if we find a wrinkled five dollar bill in our pants pocket when doing laundry, let alone dropping fifty dollars on something like an eyeshadow palette.

    The worst part for me is that my own sister is one of those YouTubers that gets extremely nice makeup from brands for free, but she never gives any of it to me. I’ve been left to scrounge up any kind of financial assistance to be able to get the products she’s gotten me to fall in love with. There is always the option of buying more affordable and accessible brands, like NYX Cosmetics, Ulta Beauty and other drug store brand makeup. However, with my skin being as sensitive as it is, it has grown used to the high price brands. So it’s not as simple of a switch for me.
    To other college girls that are going through this same struggle, our only hope is to either go through the rough period of switching brands, or to hope that Christmas and birthday gifts can help us with our never-ending struggle of wanting to look extra fabulous. If I’m the one who is gonna win this giveaway, then I’ll be the happiest girl before New Year hits! I really want to try Urban Decay products but it turns out to be a little bit pricey for me as a college student.I hope you can give me this chance to try out this product!

    Here are my details, be glad to choose me as this giveaway!

    Facebook URL : https://www.facebook.com/ftrynna
    Email : feetreynna@gmail.com


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